Cruz Cajon Pro performance  is pure performance & quality. Produces an exceptionally beautiful, resonant sound at an extremely reasonable price. It has beautiful tone, with a neat separation between the highs and lows, and unlike other cajons in this price range, which lack a lot of low end, it has a surprisingly deep and powerful bass that delivers a mega punch. Crisp, full-range snare sound that can be adjusted to your own personal preference with our unique string-tuning system. Punchy bass with a deep resonance.

The Pro Performance is similar to the Pro but has 4 tunable strings for a 100% more snare sound variety, featuring a 2 way unique tuning system with 2 dedicated tuning knobs for individual tuning of each side of the cajon as you play. This provides a more personalised precision and control over the snare sounds.

It is pure joy & excitement to play the Pro Performance, with ease of playability, rich tone and seperation of the snares and bass. It is effortless to achieve an amazing sound with this cajon, even for total beginners.

Watch our short animation showing the features & inside


  • Rounded Corners  – extra comfort & ease of  playability with a sleek finish

  • 4 Tunable guitar strings – crisp full-range ‘snare’ with various sound possibilities

  • Unique Tuning system – personalise your snare sound, ultra durable, minimises buzz, rattles & string breakage

  • 2 Easy-to-use tuning knobs – unique & practical tuning knobs, strategically placed to tighten / loosen strings each side seperately as you play. Easily tune the strings in playing positon without having to get off the cajon to do so! Very useful for that situation live onstage, you can tune it even as you play!

  • Built-in fortified Bass port – Extra bass boost & resonance

  • 4 strong anti-slip rubber feet – solid support & movement reduction as you play


The differences are purely cosmetic (colour).

*Each cajon has its own ‘unique look’ as the natural wood grain is visible and different for every cajon

PRO PERFORMANCE Toro Natural wood chasis (body), Opaque black frontboard colour, natural wood logo

PRO PERFORMANCE Leon Natural wood chasis (body), natural wood frontboard colour, solid black logo