Beginners lesson

Below you will find my free cajon lessons for beginners, arranged in order as I believe you should learn the excercises. It’s a form of a cajon course. More videos and lessons to follow, even with guitarist and bassist, so keep an eye out!

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lesson 1.

An introduction to the cajon, the basic sounds and a first excercise for the cajon


An introduction to the origin of the cajon and your first cajon funk groove

lesson 3

Funk / R&B / Hip-Hop – Basic 4/4 groove

Lesson 4

Here’s a basic Rumba groove lesson, explained and counted. A very important groove for any latin music!

Lesson 5

Blues/shuffle/R&B groove on the cajon Plus practise along song

Lesson 6

A first co-ordination groove lesson, where you learn to play with a brush, your foot and your hand simultaniously, and learn the samba groove

Lesson 7

Learn your first Bulerias (flamenco pattern) on the cajon,

how to count it, clap it and play it.

Lesson 8

A reminder on how important posture is and how to get the optimum sound out of your cajon.

Lesson 9

Another co – ordination groove lesson, this time we look at the bossa nova

Lesson 10

A lesson on how to mike up your cajon for live concerts and studio work.

Please let us know what you think!

  1. Hello, I have a question about lesson 3. When you skip the “3rd” beat, is it played as a ghost note or not at all? I am having a really hard time skipping that beat, my hand wants to keep moving..

  2. Hi Heidi,

    I really appreciate your way of teaching. I could easily learn a lot of grooves and I’ve started playing on my cajon with a lot of comfort and technique than just banging on it. I’d like to ask you if you could suggest a song at the end of each lesson, a song which has a similar groove as the one in the lesson, so it would become more convenient to learn the groove as well get to pick up a new song. I am a guy who cannot count very well, but I get the groove by listening to it and feeling it. So, I just thought for people like me, a song to practice on would help a lot. It would become even easier to hunt down more similar songs as well.
    Nonetheless, I cannot thank you enough for helping me out play the cajon.
    Cheers to your work.
    Thank you.

  3. .Hello Heidi!

    Really good stuff. Thanks a lot! Used to play drumset (like ages ago!) and now back in the percussion saddle with the Cajon. Went to a few group classes, but that didn’t really work for me. So this a really good second start.

    If you guys ever have a gig in Berlin, let me know!



  4. Hey Heidi! First,amazing work putting together so much learning material for us. Thank you so much! I play the drum set and i have been planning to get a cajon to play acoustic sets in smaller spaces, What should i keep in mind while buying a new cajon? I’ve never played one before. So any inputs would be nice.

  5. hi
    heidi this is my first time in cajon liked your video but can you make it little slower some beats are very difficult to catch you

  6. Hi Heidi,

    Thank you so much for all your efforts really appreciate a lot. It’s awesome to see your beginners video lessons. The one and only best cajon website and youtube beginners videos I’ve ever seen. Very informative, clear and easy to learn. A very big thumbs up all the way from South Africa.

    I just fell in love to learn and play cajon after seeing your videos.

    I got one cajon from Madrid Spain but your signature cajon sounds a lot different.
    Please let me know details about your cajon and will you be able to send it to south Africa.

    Lots of Regards,

    • Hello Ajay!

      We post out worldwide and have sent quite a few to SA already! Our courtiers are fast, safe and reliable!

      We have options for shipping internationally, just check it out on our webshop, and let me know if you have any questions!

      P.S. I am from SA!!!!! 🙂 Biltong!


  7. Hi Heidi,

    Thank you so much for these videos! I’m a singer from France, and I’m trying to learn how to play cajon and sing at the same time. Your lessons are very helpfull! Have you got advices like about posture for singers?

    Thank you again!

    • Hello Marie!

      Yes very good question! I will be covering all of this on my new cajon DVD coming out soon!! Keep an eye out and subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to know when it is released!


  8. My goodness, woman, you are sexy. I am very interested in learning to play the cajon. I recently built one myself. I appreciate your skill and easy-to-follow approach to instruction. But still, having a hard time concentrating… dang.

  9. Hi Heidi Joubert!
    I’m from Turkey.My English is very bad but I think this is not an obstacle. you have followers from many countries. a sweet proposal :p You can select a person from each country. to give us Courses. ‘universal percussion’ (not a problem, it’s just a dream I just had a wish.) 😀 if one day , you will make this suggestion if you. I’ll be ready Forever.
    Thanks for the videos
    Thanks to you and your team..

    Stay with music..

  10. I have watched almost all of your lessons to begin to play Cajon.
    I love your videos,
    I love Your tastes,
    I love all the graphical concepts within room-athmosphere in your clips,
    all the esthetic.
    You are a great artist.
    I love your music
    Thanks very much for all


  11. Hi Heidi!
    See your video feel harvest, I want to ask you this kajon drum sound and some of the drum big difference? See your video that you have the special elasticity and easy feeling playing on a panel at the time playing, can emit two sound don’t know how you fight?

  12. Hi Heidi,
    thanks so much for these great lessons, and very cool to hear you sing with the cajon …
    I look forward to being able to join an online class soon…

    from Melbourne, Australia

  13. Hi Heidi!
    Your videos are great! I’m glad you do this.
    I play the drums since 2012, but the instrument is too big. Always I play on concerts, my drum needs a full car, so I decided to sometimes play the cajon instead of the drums. I thought with the cajon and cymbals it is almost the same as the drums.
    Your videos helped me a lot. I’m about to buy a cajon, but I have a question.
    What kind of cajon do you recommend me? (The cajon with the gitarstring, or wirestring..?)

    I play in a Christian worship band.I play in churches as well.

    Best wishes,
    András (from Hungary)

    • Hey Andras, get one of my very own Cruz Cajons, they are the best on the market! 🙂

      The cajon is a great instrument yes! And I am very glad you like my videos! Keep rocking for Jesus buddy!

      • Yeah, I knew it. You, nad Your products are the best in every category 😀
        But what if I don’t want to pay ~£43 only for shipping. I have a friend over here in Hungary, who makes cajons. And for 43 pounds I almost can get a cajon. (

        So the question: If I’m not buying a Cruz Cajon (which is a big fault – I know), do you recommend me a guitar string, or snare cajon?

        (After I get it, I would like to attend in your online course as well)

        • Hey! depends which one;s sound you like more, I personally prefer the guitar string to the snare, because it lasts longer with less buzzing and rattling!

  14. Hey Heidi, thanks for inspirational videos, the more I try to play the more respect I have for your playing. I’m struggling & getting frustrated also enjoying it…… Keep up the great work


  15. Hi Heidi,

    Thanks for doing such an sterling job and posting these videos. Learning a musical instrument has been a lifelong dream of mine for ages and after seeing a cajon being played in a jazz/funk band in Barcelona a few years back I was sold. I finally got one for xmas 2013 and these videos have made the whole process a lot easier so thanks and keep up the good work.

    All the best


  16. Ola!! Parabéns pelo seu som e aulas!!!
    Muito bom!!!! Sou musico e estou iniciando no cajon e suas aulas são de grande ajuda!


  17. Hi Heidi, fantastic percussion and teaching skills – thank you so much for doing the teachings!!! and ditto on the beauty comments – i hope that you have a blessed life with the one that wins your hearts affection. Keep up the great work and may you be very prosperous too!!!!

  18. Hello please you have the tracks sounf for exemple bass with the practice cajon?
    I liked your system education program but i need this tracks.
    Thanks and God Bless

      • Heidi,
        Your vids are very helpful. I just about have finished building a Cajon for my daughter and needed to hear one. The sound is very interesting and I will probably build one for myself soon. Thank you very much and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  19. Hey Heidi! Amazing work with your videos!
    I have recently purchased a regular drum set. Before that, I was using my cajon, and pretend to keep using it. With the drum set, i bought a 16” Stagg DH medium crash.
    My question is, if I hit it with my fingers, will it distort? I mean, I don’t want to ruin it for the drum set, since it’s all new.

    Thanks for your time!

    • Adrian!

      Hitting the cymbals with sticks is much more aggressive for the cymbals thsn hitting it with your hands… Don’t worry about it!! Hit it with your hands!

  20. Hi Heidi Joubert

    I really look attractive when you play the cajon
    You have inspired me
    Thank your lessons
    a fan from Vietnam!

  21. thank you very much your video lesson is very help a lot to improve my skill,and i am enjoy your video coz you’re talented and beautiful of course haha.i hope someday i could see live at the watching your perform

  22. Hi Heidi,

    I’m purchasing my first Cajon next month which will introduce me into the world of percussion. I’m currently residing in Zhuhai in the South of China here near Hong Kong and Macau and am an active professional drummer and pianist, teaching and performing and am excited about learning the Cajon and expanding my horizons. I will study your videos carefully and email you with any specific questions,



  23. I’m sorry, I didn’t know that you’d replied to my question on youtube.
    Anyways, you are great!

    – Byron

    • Hey Byron! Buddy don’t feel bad at all, the very reason I actually started putting up my videos and doing everything really slowly was cos I could NEVER catch anything from those fast vids!!!!! You;re great! And no one can run before they can walk!!! If you practise everything slow you are sure to get a great technique!

  24. Hello Heidi,
    I am new to cajon and am currently saving up to buy your line of cajon right now so I am using a shoebox with a hole to practice. However, I wanted to ask if you use metronomes when your performing or it’s just for exercises only?
    And, after finish watching all of your cajon basic course videos, and in order to improve playing cajon, I watched other videos.
    However, they’re not like you because they didn’t play slowly after going at a regular speed demo, thus I can’t learn the groove/beats that they demonstrated in the video. Do you have this kind of trouble in the past, and if you didn’t, does it mean that I am just not good or talented as you to play the cajon? :[
    – Byron {bigfan}

    • Hello Byron

      This is a very good question. EVERYONE has trouble learning grooves and stuff at fast speeds, for sure me too!!! It’s only when it’s slow that I can learn it, and once I got it, only then do I take the speed up gradually, and this is why I take this approach in all my video lessons…. :-))) Hope it makes you feel better!!!

  25. Heidi!!
    These are some great instructional videos you have going here. Really diggin it! They are totally a ton of help; so thanks so much for doing this. I would like to ask where you get your loops from in garageband. I really liked the way you had your iPhone playing the kickin bass lines for the Blues Shuffle in Lesson 5. If there is any way that I can grab that bass file from you or you can point me in the right direction so that I can grab some off the internet, it would be really cool. I’ve been trying to get the shuffle groove for awhile now and I think the garageband thing is an awesome idea. Thanks in advance,

    • Hey Ben!! I will be uploading a video showing you exactly who to do it!! It;s hard to explain in words, so subscribe to my Youtube channel to make sure you get it when it comes out!

  26. Hi heidi. I am from nepal far away you….i used to play drums but its been a long time i didnt touch cuz its take big space and i dont have such a big space so i make my own cajon and trying learning by watching your videos so plz keep posting more videos so i can learn fromit

  27. Hi Heidi!

    Now that I’m through your beginner’s lesson I feel also dedicated to leave a comment here. 🙂
    I used to play the drums until 6 or 7 years ago and then stopped making music completely (however I never gave up the plan to starting again!).
    Looking around on YouTube for good rhythms I found your lesson’s and inspired by this I decided to get me a cajon (unfortunately not a Cruz Cajón which I first recognized after ordering the first one). A few weeks ago I joined a Irish Folk Band. They were looking for a drummer and I suggested to try it with my cajón and me. This weekend we played the first time publically and it was great. I only can say thank you! When you’re playing with your band in Germany I would love to see and hear you playing.

    All the best from snowy Berlin, Germany.


    • Hello Rene!!!!

      Great great news!!! Thanks for letting me know how my free lessons has helped you to play your cajon, and now playing gigs with a band, wll done!!!! Send me some videos when you get some of you guys playing!!! Maybe I will see you in Germany when I visit your country soon!!

      • There is one from our 2nd gig we had (bad quality though! But I think it’s a long way to go till we have professional recordings 😉
        It’s not the Bulerías played on the Cajon but it’s Irish Folk, quite simple music which makes it so sympathic.

        I recently added Bongos and the Meinl Cajon Bongo to my repertoire of instruments. The last one I find very interesting. It has a special sound and I was really curious to play it. A hybrid of the Cajon snare sound and bongo sound. It’s invented by Meinl themselves, isn’t it?

        P.S. I really looking forward seeing some more Bulerías lessons. I think you are right when you’re stating that this is what a Cajon is made for!

        All the best for your record release!


  28. Hi Heidi –

    I am from Toronto, Canada. Thanks for posting your videos – they are very well done. I am also a djembe player that is used to notating rhythms. Could you tell me if there is a common notation system for cajon? I would like to notate some of the rhythms I have been learning and adapting to cajon, and I’d like to start with a system right so I don’t have to rewrite it later. Any information would be useful. Cheers.

    • Hey!

      The cajon is still rather new so there is really no set way of doing anything on the cajon, however, what with it becoming so popular, there are quite a few ways of doing things that are becoming common. I just don’t completely understand what you are refering to.You mean the drum key? Which notes/sounds gets written on which ledger or line?

      • Thanks for the response. Djembe uses a slap, tone bass notation system. It’s sometimes written on ledger lines and sometimes written as S B T system eg. B T T S T T etc. Seems as the Cajon is so new that there hasn’t been a system written yet. If you find information, I would be interested. Cheers.

  29. Hello Heidi,
    Thank You so much for your cajon videos, especially the beginner series. I have learned a lot. You are a great teacher and take the time to explain how to play the instrument properly. Please continue to add to your beginner videos. One wish would be to see a whole lesson on the Bossa Nova technique with the use of just hands to play the basic rhythm. Its seems like such a simple rhythm, but I just can’t get it right. I will be buying your new CD soon as I love your music. I am a total fan of Fernando’s Kitchen. Any chance you are coming to the US to play, anytime soon? Keep up the great work!!!

  30. Hi Heidi,
    Thank you for all of the free videos you’ve been posting! How long have you been playing? I’ve played the drums for a while and recently bought a cajon and I’ve learned a lot from your videos and just wanted to say you are amazing! You are a great teacher and I wish you had classes in Holland! Is there any chance that you know anyone in Rotterdam who offers Cajon lessons?

    • Hey Iked

      I have messed around with the cajon for 5 years now, but only in the last 2 yrs have I started practising and becoming more serious…….

      Thanks for your wonderful comment! I do not know anyone who teaches in Rotterdam, but I do know that we intend to start up a cajon school in rotterdam, amsterdam and all over the EU, collaborating with other really great teachers that I would personally reccomend! Also I might very possibly do a few workshops in rotterdam in the summer this year later, so subscribe to myt newsletter to stay updated on all this exciting news! 🙂

      And in the meanwhile, you can join our online cajon school! 🙂

  31. Hi Heidi.

    Almost always listening to Vicente Amigo, Paco de Lucía, Chano Domínguez, etc. and now I have discover my next instrument, el cajón.

    Te suena de algo…
    Don’t lost the “duende” that you have.

    Miguel from Madrid, pura vida.

  32. Curious on what you use for your cymbal? I have been trying to find an ultra thin crash but ended up getting just a thin crash (Wuhan) and waiting on it to arrive. Hopefully I will be able to play it by hand without hurting too much! 🙂

    Great videos and thanks so much for the instruction!

    • Hey!

      I use many different one’s, my Fav one being the AAX XPLOSION Sabian crash, 10 or 11 inch, really nice and thin with a nice tone and good sustain, but I suggest getting a small splash too for that fast response crash

      let me know how you get on with your new cymbal!

  33. Muchas muchas gracias por estos videos, estoy empezando y ya aprendí un ritmo gracias a sus videos, estoy muy emocionada por aprender más son muy buenos. 😀 Felicidades por la web esta genial!!

  34. hola! heidi.
    Muchas gracias por las lecciones, hace poco
    compre mi primer cajon, un 2 en 1 ( un lado peruano, y el otro flamenco )
    y ahora gracias a vos, estoy aprendiendo poco a poco como tocarlo.
    muchas gracias de nuevo!

    saludos desde argentina!

  35. hola Heidi! hace rato que estoy practicando con tus videos, son excelentes!!! te felicito! tenia una consulta para hacerte, cuando empece a practicar note que se me habia hinchado una falange de la mano izquierda (con la que hago el sonido agudo en el cajon) del cuarto dedo contando desde el pulgar, y me dolia bastante, por lo que tuve que estar varios dias sin tocar…ese dolor se fue, pero ahora siento la misma hinchazon y dolor en la misma falange del dedo medio de esa misma mano, sera que estoy teniendo una mala tecnica al tocar o simplemente que mi cajon no es de buena calidad? tendre problemas futuros por los que deba ir al traumatologo?

    mil gracias y un gran saludo desde Argentina!

    • I´m wainting for your reply! I really want to know what you think, if it´s missunderstood please tell me and I´ll write my question again 🙂 happy new year!!

        • ok! thanks for your reply! when I play the cajon it hurts me in the two middle fingers of the left hand… I mean, it hurts in the bones of that fingers, the phalanx. I wonder if I´m playing the wrong way or if simply it´s a bad cajon.. I tried to made my question easier haha excuse me for my poor english, cheers!!! and thanks you so much!

          • Hello Paula

            It’s difficult to determine what is the problem if I cannot see you play, if you have a video or even a short vlip that shows how you hit the cajon and play, I would be better able to assist you in advising you as to whats the main issue, but you can be sure it is probably due to a mix of 2 things, 1, your technique (especially if you are a beginner, this is normal, it will take time for your technique to shape properly, just like learning to walk took time) and 2, if you haven’t got a good cajon, it is definitely partly due to that too!

            But if you send me a little clip of you playing I can really give you specific advise ok!


  36. I am from Malaysia. Cajon is being popularised here in this country. Thank you so much for your wonderful lessons. I can’t find any teacher that teaches cajon, except watching and learning from youtube. Just a question, I am learning lesson 4 (rhumba), how can I speed up the rhythm? I can do it slowly, but once I speed it up, the whole groove collapse. Can give some tips how to speed things up? Thank you so much.

  37. I made a cajon a couple of weeks ago and as I’m a drummer thought it would be easy to play the cajon. After looking at you lessons I’m now ‘feeling it’ and transferring my drum skills over. Impressed with you lovely, relaxed style. Keep it up girl:)

  38. Ole!!!!!

    Heidi, muchas gracias por tus clases y tomarte el tiempo….. Señorita a mi me gusta su style….
    Very good Job, ur class its awesome, and been learning a lot….. Can u do one more class with the guitar,,, how to follow the guitar… Altos y bajos? Pls pls pls..:)..

    Muchas Gracias…
    Yamil from PR….
    Rasta Nurse….

    • Hey Yamil

      Great idea, I will definitely be looking into doing this for sure!!! Especially for the Flamenco eh! :-))

      Keep updated with my lessons via my cajonbox newsletter ok!


  39. Hola! Un gusto haber encontrado esta pagina, sos una genia! Siempre quise tocar percusion y me dijeron que empiece con un cajón peruano, que me encanta. Ahora estoy re feliz con tus clases pero practico con el borde de la silla jajaja… que cajon me recomendas que me mande a hacer? Que es el cajón cruz? Ojala vinieras a Argentina!!… Besos!

    • Hola Natalia! Gracias por las palabras, me alegro que te gustasen mis videos! 🙂 No entiendo muy bien lo que me preguntas acerca de que cajon te recomiendo mandar a hacer. Si te refieres al estilo de construccion, hay unos cuantos y es cuestion de gustos y necesidades. Antes habia basicamente cajones peruanos o flamencos, pero ahora hay muchas maneras de hacerlos. Hay alguien que los haga alla donde estas? El Cajon Cruz es mi marca. Me los hacen a mano en Espanya, y tengo dos tipos principales, uno con cuerdas de guitarra y el otro con cuerdas de piano. El de guitarra es mas flamenco y el de piano mas para musica moderna, pop, rock, funk, etc. No hago peruano de momento, porque pienso que el flamenco es mas versatil y tambien tiene mas tonos, el peruano es mas mate. El Cruz Cajon piano es un poco como el peruano, pero con un sonido mas agudo en la parte de arriba, sin el sonido mas como de snare drum que tiene el de cuerdas de guitarra, y tipicamente el cajon flamenco en general. Nada es mejor o peor, es cuestion de lo que te guste y de que musica vas a tocar con el! Si estas interesada en un Cruz, hago envios internacionales. Tengo varios clientes en la Argentina! Un beso

      • Ey! gracias por responderme. Si, es verdad, la traducción no es muy buena! jaja. Efectivamente te preguntaba con que cajón me convenía empezar… yo quiero hacer ritmos mas clásicos, salsa, ese tipo. Me conviene el flamenco entonces?. Cuanto esta el cajón cruz flamenco para comprarlo desde acá?. Saludos! y GRACIAS GRACIAS !!!

        • Hey Natalia!

          Si, el Cajon flamenco es perefcto para ti! 🙂 At the moment we are adding new models to our Cruz cajon range, but the current Flamenco cruz cajon models cost £175 plus international postage and tracking at £55 to Argentina. All details are listed on the products page in our webshop!

          Let me know if you need any more help!

          Un salud


  40. I will be starting to follow your lessons soon when I have my Cajon. Will you come to Holland some day and perhaps perform at our little region radiostation?

    • I wouldn’t mind to perform at your radio station haha, it should be fun, Ek kan nie wag om Holland toe te gaan nie! :-)))

    • Hey Mike!

      Thanks for the nice comment. We will be touring thu Europe next summer hopefully, keep an eye out!! 🙂

  41. Hi Heidi,

    I’m Mexican and i love the percussion, really get to work and learn a new instrument to forget everything, is beautiful!!!, thank your lessons are great!!!

    Saludos y buena vibra!!

  42. Hi everybody. Just received my new Cruz Cajon “Leon” all the way from Barcelona to Plovdiv, Bulgaria with no problems whatsoever. It is number 5 and fresh from the workshop. Looks great, now starting to annoy the neighbours (joke) by practising everyday. Heidi I love your lessons as they are easy to follow but saying that I think the flamenco rhythm will take me some time to master (got to learn to count in spanish – right!) keep music live! Phil, Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

    • Hello Phil

      Wow nice one thanks man, super DUPER happy to see that you enoy our CD and your new Cruz cajon! Happy neighbour disturbing haha! Un dos, un dos tres….. 🙂


  43. Hello Heidi,

    The cajon is brand new to me. Saw your videos and went out the next day and got myself a cajon. Today I will follow your first lesson with my new cajon. I play the guitar and I am hoping I can add the cajon to my music. I started with guitar a year ago. Looking forwards to learn more about this beautiful instrument the cajon. Thank you for sharing your knoledge with us. Can´t wait to be able to introduce some sounds to my own music. I loved your lessons!!! Love hearing you play!!!

    Thank you for introducing the cajon to the world!!!

  44. I had bought the cajon recently and I didn’t know how play this instrument. Since the cajon in Poland is still few popular instrument, I have no place to learn on it. I was looking for something on the internet for a long time, but no lessons didn’t fit me, and I didn’t understand a lot of words because I don’t know English so well 😛 And today, something wonderful happend – I found your lessons and immediately I liked how you play and how you explain. Your videos are very helpful !
    As you can see, your lessons help people from all over the world, it is amazing, thank you for this very, very much! You are great! And I hope you will continue this videos, that why I wish you so much strength and an even greater love for what you do!

    Greetings from Poland 🙂

  45. Thanks for the awesome tutorials! After a few weeks of watching your videos and practicing I actually had the courage to join a local Flamenco group, you’re an amazing teacher.

  46. Hi Heidi,

    Thanks for providing these superb video lessons. For me as a beginners it is sometimes hard to follow – event though I play drums for a while now. One thing that is particularly weird is having to “mirror” you in my brain – your right hand is on the left on the screen. Probably it would make sense to mirror your videos, or introduce a different camera angle filming in “birds eye view”. Or simply to have the tabs/scores published under each video. Your RLRL notation with the bold letters is a very good idea, but putting it below the video as text or picture would be helpful for practicing, without having to rewind the video.

    Keep up the excellent work!


    • Dear Oliver!

      Thank you for the fabulous tips!!! I honestly did not think about mirroring my vids yet, that is simply genius!!! When I get a better vid editing software, I will definitely do that!!1 Thanks buddy, for sharing your very nice ideas here! 😉 Preciate it a lot!

    • Hi David!

      All the way from Wyoming, USA!!! Thanks for the nice comment, a community Drum circle Sounds groovy! 🙂

  47. I’m from Madrid, Spain, so I do not speak or understand English very well, but I am learning a lot from your video lessons.

    It’s a shame not to live in the same city and country to attend your classes.

    Thank you.

    • Yo Antonio!

      Gracias por el mensaje! 🙂 I am happy to hear you are learning, perhaps you learn some english from my lessons too while you’re at it, jaja! I might be visiting Spain for group classes and workshops in the coming year, sign up to my newsletter to stay updated on whats happening! And thank you for the nice comment, I appreciate it!

      Saludos desde Londres

  48. Thank you for keeping this updated with even more lessons! This is starting to become my new favorite site, it’s my one stop place for all things cajon. Thanks again Heidi for keeping me excited and motivated to learn more and push myself as a beginner cajon player.

    Keep up the good work,

  49. Hi. I found your videos on youtube and since then found and now use your web page. Its great to have a page structured like this in order of which to follow the videos. Having learnt guitar by youtube its hard as all the videos are mixed together with no order, but its nice to be able to follow a method such as you have laid out, of which meant I went and bought my first Cajon today, a DG Chanela of which you are teaching me well.
    Thank you kindly for the help and inspiration,

    • Hey Michael!

      Thanks for the great feedback! It’s wonderful to hear I have somehow inspired you to get a cajon! Remember to check out my cruz cajons when you feel like a new cajon huh! 🙂 Keep practising bro, I will be posting up more vids, as much as I can, to help you keep learning!

      Cajon love


  50. Hi Heidi,
    Im brazilian but I live in Barcelona. Your video lessons are amanzing!!!! I didnt have any idea of how to play the cajon, and now only 3 weeks after I started practicing, I can follow all your lessons. Please keep uploading more videos, they are great and help a lot!!! I always thought that my right hand would be the “smart” hand, but sudenly I found out that the smart hand is the left one 😀
    Actualy, when I´m playing I disconect from all my problems, its an hour of my day that I relax. I love it!!
    Can ask you a couple of things? First of all, when are you planning to come to Barcelona? And the second thing is, can you teach the TURN (I dont know if thats the word I have to use… between the compasses)?

    thanks a lot

    • Hello Hello!!1

      what a wonderful testimony on my lessons, I am so so glad I could help you leanr in just 3 weeks!!! :-))) As per your questions, I will be visiting Barcelona very woon (wiuthin the next 3 months), we might play a bit too, but I am actually going to the Prk workshop where they hand make my cruz cajones, so I am very exctied!! and as per turning the compass, I am a bit unsure of what you mean? Sorry….

      Cajon love


      • Hahaha what i wanted to tell you before is actually called brake!
        I can do your excercises but i cant put them into a whole, Please help me Heidi!!
        So when you coming you gonna do a workshop, because i would love to be a part of it and when and where are you playing???
        Thank you so much!!

        • Hello Fernanda!

          Where are you based, in London? If so I might be starting up a workshop on cajon sometime in September or October! 🙂 Sign up to the newsletter to stay updated! Mwha!

  51. You are Amazing and Brilliant Cajon Player as well as trainor I have ever seen in my life. All your uploaded videos are very good. Keep uploading some more videos for beginners. Thank you very much for providing this wonderful training.

    Naveen G

    • Hello Naveen!

      Thank you very much for your generous comment, it is always wondeful to hear how my work affects ppl’s lives, it is so encouraging! Thank you! It means a lot…