Cruz Cajon Pro Elite Toro Model

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Our Cruz cajon Pro Elite is made of 100% birchwood and has a distinct rich resonance that accentuates its beautiful tone. It is extremely sensitive  and responds to the lightest touch, and when played with full force and power the Pro Elite is sure to blow you away with it’s powerful sound! Very versatile with a range of dynamics. Sharp top and warm, deep bass with a very neat separation between the highs and lows. This is currently our most popular cajon, and is one of the best cajons on the market for it’s price/quality/sound. Made with the finest birchwood and perfectly finished for maximum quality and sound, ensured endurability for years to come.
Now with new and improved tuning system to help prevent buzzing and rattles common cajones.

Available on backorder


Cruz cajon is Heidi Joubert’s bespoke signature cajon line handmade in Spain by our passionate and experienced artisan who takes pride in delivering outstanding professional instruments made with the utmost love and care.
Cruz cajon Pro Elite is made of ‘Finest russian birchwood’ and has a distinct rich resonance that accentuates its beautiful tone. It is extremely sensitive  and responds to the lightest touch, and when played with full force and power the Pro Elite is sure to blow you away with it’s powerful sound! Very versatile with a range of dynamics. Sharp top and warm, deep bass with a very neat separation between the highs and lows.
This is currently our most popular cajon, and is one of the best cajons on the market for it’s price/quality/sound.
Made with the finest birchwood and perfectly finished for maximum quality and sound, ensured endurability for years to come. This cajon is pure quality and luxury.  It is effortless to get an awesome sound out of this outstanding instrument. Now with a new and improved tuning system to prevent buzzing and rattles, the cajon features 4 guitar strings which are seperately tunable with 2 very easy to use tuning knobs…. no need for allen keys!


More rounded corners in the front top for more comfort when playing and a sleek beautiful finish.
The Pro Elite also now has an added internal ‘sound carpet’ that adds a neater seperation between the
bass and the highs.
It also makes recording the cajon easier as it
adds to a neater overall sound with less feedback, also useful for
live situations with mics and a sound system. The sound carpet can be
partially pulled out through the soundhole in the back to create a
different sound so it adds to the variety of sounds you can get from
your Cruz.
Our tuning system has also been improved, the tuning knob
controls is now no longer in the back but on the bottom on the
frontside of the cajon so you can easily tune the strings (tighten or
loosen strings) in playing positon without having to get off the
cajon to do so! Very useful for that situation live onstage, you can tune it even as you play!
These changes improves on the sound and practicality of the cajon. I am certain you
will really enjoy these ‘upgrades’!
The making of the cruz cajon
After the handcrafting process, each cajon is finely tuned and then taken through a testing phase and approved by our professional cajon team (Heidi personally plays, checks and tunes each cajon herself, sometimes she packs them herself too 🙂 to ensure it matches the highest possible standard, no other cajon in this price range can match this quality or standard!
Outstanding Handmade instruments and great for your posture and developing a good technique
The sound quality is superb and so is the playing action, with an extremely fast rebound action that makes it almost effortless to play. The bass “sweet spot” is situated as high as possible, just below the “snare” for the optimum posture when playing the cajon. It has a rageously loud bass with a beautiful resonance and a neat, crisp attack on the highs. The separation between the highs and the lows is very neat and distinct, needless to say these are fabulous for live playing, acoustic playing and recording! It is really almost effortless to get a great sound out of the cruz cajon!
Does not come with a bag
Differences in colours only cosmetic
Available in black (Cruz “Toro” model) or natural (Cruz “Leon” model)
More colour and customised options coming soon!

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 50 cm

Toro Cruz Cajon


Natural & Black


Finest Russian Birchwood


Our advanced tuning system! 4 guitar strings tunable by 2 tuning knobs on the back of the cajon

UK Postage & Packaging







The tracked postage couriers that we use is very secure and safe, Please check out our shop policy page for  more info on delivery time, returns and details.

Delivery & postage

How long will it take to arrive? If in stock Usually dispatched within 1 week Please remember to add postal time to obtain a complete estimate of delivery to your door. Postal time varies for international post, for european delivery it takes between 5 – 10 days and for international, it takes between 2 – 6 weeks depending on your location and customs. Please note that buyers are responsible for any customs if this is applicable. How will I know it has been sent? You will receive an email to confirm when your item has been sent, along with your unique tracking number. You can also check the status of your order and individual items by checking your tracking number we will send once your cajon is dispatched. Please allow 27 working days from dispatch of your order before notifying us of any late deliveries. It may be advisable to check with your neighbours to see if a parcel has been left with them, check any outhouses you might have where it may be left if it cannot fit through your letterbox and contact your local sorting office to see if the item has been returned to the depot as undelivered and awaiting collection. If Im not completely happy with my item? Please see our returns policy.

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25 Replies to “Cruz Cajon Pro Elite Toro Model”

  1. Lienhard

    My Cruz Cajon arrived some days ago. I’ve been playing a Schlagwerk before and I was happy with it until I played the Cruz Cajon Pro Elite. What struck me the most is that the sounds of the Cruz Cajon are perfectly clear. I asked a friend to play along on the Schlagwerk while I played the Cruz to compare, we both agree that the Cruz sounds and feels better.
    Thank you so much for this great piece of work.

  2. Alexander Jakab

    on monday i proudly received my new cruz. i am amazed by the versatile Sound and Dynamic range. you and your Team did a great job !!!!!
    i can’t wait to take the cruz for jamming and worship Sessions !!!!

  3. Peter Brazel

    I just received my new Cruz Cajon to compliment the piano string Cruz Cajon I purchased last year. The Piano model has a fantastic deep, clear bass and a snappy top end snare. The Pro Elite is completely different given it is fully strung. As expected, it has far greater “snare” overtones over the bass and the top end “snare” is audible even under the lightest of fingering. I love them both and now I can jam with others I have introduced to the world of the Cajon. Everyone seems to have a drummer hidden deep inside them for some reason. 🙂 Thanks Heidi, great products.

  4. Nick K.

    Dear Heidi Joubert and Cruz Cajon company,hello!
    Yes,my cruz cajon(a beautiful gift to me from my brother Dimitris) have arrived safely!
    So what about my beautiful cajon?
    I love its sound!!!So warm bass…and the ‘snes’ sound so powerful!!!
    Sometimes i have the feeling that i’m playing really drums!
    My congratulations for the job you do!!
    I’m a beginner cajon player and your video lessons helps me a lot.
    Thank you and keep doing that perfect job you do!
    Love,Nick and Dimitris K.
    P.S. Thank you very much for the Fernando’s Kitchen cd you send to me!
    I like very much your music and i wish you the best!!!

  5. Karen Pérez

    I finally received my Cruz Cajon Pro Elite Leon Model and I loooooove it! It is beautifully handcrafted and sounds amazing! The design, the logos, the wood quality, and the attention to detail makes it look like a piece of art. Before I consider buying one of Heidi’s cajons I went to a couple of music stores to try theirs. I was discouraged by the “rattle” sound and the lack of distinction between the bass and the higher tones I heard. In the Cruz cajon there is an audible difference between the high and the bass tones, but you do not hear a “rattle” or exaggerated buzz sound. Also, most of the cajons I tried were from synthetic materials. Thus, the sound was not very impressive. The wood quality on the Cruz cajon is top notch and it projects the sound very well. Lastly, I like the idea of having a tuning/tensioning mechanism outside the cajon to adjust the sound of the snare to my personal preferences and music styles. Though I hesitated to purchase a cajon without trying it first, I am glad I did. This cajon exceeded my expectations. Thanks, Heidi!

  6. Jérôme

    I’ve received mine few days ago and I love it.
    It has a wonderfull sound (while played softly or powerfully).
    Furthermore, it’s a beautiful object.
    I can just recommand it to you.
    Btw, Heidi was very kind and pro. before and after my purchase, which was very cool too.
    Thanks again and also for the CD as an added surprise in the package.

  7. Faudel

    My cajon arrived few weeks ago and I had the time to try it a lot of times before leaving a review.
    I just have to say that my new baby is awesome !
    I was very confident but I didn’t know how much the stuff will be amazing.
    This cajon is a piece of art.
    The bass spot at the upper place makes it easy and so fun to play. The high tone sounds really good and the tapa is pretty sensitive : very good stuff !
    You cant’ go wrong with this awesome cajon. The sound rocks, the wood quality rocks, the design rocks !
    I also have to say that Heidi was very professional and kind with me during our mail exchanges.
    Thank you Heidi (and your team) for the great job !

  8. Frank W

    My Cajon arrived today and I’m so very pleased.
    It sounds absolutely great and it looks very smart with it’s superb finish.
    I have previously played Schlagwerk and Meinl cajons but in comparison the Cruz Cajon Pro Elite is in a completely different class.
    The seat pad is comfy and the bag looks the part, with it’s various carrying options which is very handy.
    Thank you for the CD that was enclosed. The band sounds nice and tight and your voice comes over delightfully well.
    They say that the best things in life are worth waiting for. Well I now have a big smile on my face.
    Thank you Heidi.

  9. Michael Singer

    Ms Joubert,
    I ordered my Elite Cruz Cajon on March 21st using Paypal, so no worries about Pounds-to-USD, etc. It arrived here in Sunny Southern California on April 10th, complete with your signature and triple packed. The outer box was a bit beat up but the inner two and the Cajon were unscathed. It sounds wonderful, as promised. Several of my musically gifted friends got to see and play it and they were all very impressed. Thanks for such a finely made product!
    I saw your discussion about an instructional CD/DVD and would very much like to purchase one as London is just a bit too far to commute. 😉 In the mean time I will make use of the online instruction.
    I am impressed by your patience, sensitivity to those of us just beginning, and your obvious love for both the music you create and your desire to help and teach others.
    Michael S.

  10. Erik Hulsken

    I received the beautiful cajon must sooner then I expected. The cajon was very good packed and arrived in top condition.
    The sound is very rich, I love it. Especially the warm bass. Great product and a great service. Many thanks Heidi.

  11. Matthias

    My Cruz Elite Toro arrived in April and I had enough time to play and alearn all the sounds, which are inside. It is loud ! Clear fat bass and sensitive snare, which can be sharp and crisp at the corners and gets more mids/tone (like a rock snare), when played more in the middle of the cajon. This offers nice variation of the snare sound (of course the snare tuning system offers even more). Also finger playin’ is cool with the Cruz ! And the seperation of bass/snare is great – just like u can read in the description. If I want to have less bass or play lower volume I put a towel inside (or t-shirt). The surface allows to produce funny dubstep-bass-sounds by rubbing with spread fingers over the front plate (not really important for a cajon, but a nice gimmick).
    Since I got my new Cruz, I rarely play my old Cajon and my band likes the strong new sounds a lot ! Usually you need to test/play a cajon in the shop before buyin’ – that’s why I was a little bit worried ordering online… Now I’m happy I did – the Cruz is worth the waiting time. Great sound, great feel, great look = great fun !

  12. Nisha

    Thank you I have now received my cajon and had a few days to play it and I am absolutely thrilled. I had planned to buy a cajon from you for a very long time now and had no doubt I would be super happy with her.
    Over the last few years I went into many shops to try out other cajones and more often than not, I was disappointed by their sound. I had no doubt if I order a cajon from you she would be of top quality. And now FINALLY I ordered mine.
    I can honestly say I’m delighted with the quality of sound and touch of my new cruz pro elite cajon. She simply sounds and plays fantastic.
    I’m super happy, thank you sooooooo much.

  13. Vicki

    My husband gave me this cajon for my Birthday three months ago and I absolutely love it.
    The cajon itself is beautifully made, the workmanship is outstanding and the sound is excellent – incomparable with the cajon I was playing before.
    The personal contact with Heidi during the delivery/after sales process was greatly appreciated. I would thoroughly recommend this product!

  14. Joerg Stadermann

    I am playing my new Pro Elite Torro for 14 days now, played it in rehearsels, on stage and in my flamenco lessons (I could barely drag my teacher away from it). Before I go into the details, I wouldd like to thank Heidi for her great support. Although really busy, she always found the time to keep me updated about the status of my order. Thank you very much, Heidi.
    Now, let’s talk about the cajon.
    The look:
    My first impression after unpacking: Wow! The cajon looks stunning, beautifully crafted and designed. The new round corners give it a high-quality look and add a nice touch to the design. Overall, the look is great.
    The feel:
    I prefer soft tapas and although a bit harder than my old cajon, I really feel comfortable with the Cruz’ tapa. Nice rebound, very responsive, playing feels good and is fun.
    The sound:
    Amazing. There is no other word for it. Deep basses, sharp slaps, light fingertips, finger rolls, all very clear and present. The separation between bass and snare is great and the dynamic ranges from a soft whisper to thundering claps. The tuning system is easy to handle, the strings sound good in every tuning I tried so far. On stage, appart from beeing a real eye-catcher, the sound of the cajon is really great with or without microphone.
    Considering that I was prepared to pay high-end prices for the right cajon, I am really lucky. I’ve found the perfect cajon for me, witthout going broke. The Cruz Pro Elite is a great sounding, beautyfully carfted, professional cajon. I’m sure the Cruz will be with me for a long time. BTW, I called it Pablo:-)

  15. Chad Martinock

    This Cajon is a well designed, great sounding instrument. It’s got plenty of sensitivity, and a surprising low end punch with a large sweet spot. It’s comfortable to play, easy on the hands, and it has a wonderful tone, it’s very musical. Highly recommended, I feel like you get your money’s worth and then some, the features and sound are top notch, there’s nothing lacking, it’s superior to Cajons even twice the price, go for it!

  16. Kim

    Hi, Heidi, Love the sound of your cajon and the style.
    I’d like to know how much is the total price of “Cruz Cajon Pro Elite Toro Model” as shipping to Taiwan ? And how long would it take ?
    btw, really appreciate your passion on music!

    • heidijoubert Post author

      Hello There Kim!

      Thanks for writing to me! Yes the Pro Elite Toro is a really awesome cajon. Shipping is £80 to Taiwan, I know it’s a bit pricey but it is fully tracked and sent with a very secure courier and totally worth it because the Pro Elite Toro is so amazing 🙂 I would also add a free basic cajon bag and Pad in your order as an early Christmas gift just for you if you did decide to order one within the next 2 weeks. Let me know if you need any help with placing your order 🙂

      Big thanks for visiting my website, be super blessed


  17. Alessandro Schiavone

    Ciao Heidi,
    I’m very interested to order a Cruz Canon Pro Élite Toro Model … terrific sound! I love it! I would like to know prices for Pro BAG + Pro PAD (black) … there is any total price bundle? What about shipping cost to Italy?
    Appreciated your feedback and … Cheers from Firenze!

    • heidijoubert Post author

      Hello Alessandro

      I just sent you an email! thank you for writing to me! 🙂 The Pro Elite Models are very popular! At the moment I only have Pro Elite Leon models left in stock, but my new stock comes very soon! I look forward to your reply via email


      • Scott Cissel

        Hello Heidi, I would also enjoy information on what models are in stock. What is the difference between the Pro Elite and Pro Toro. Thank you and enjoying your cajon lesson vids.

        • heidijoubert Post author

          Hello Scott!

          The main differences are: The Pro Elite has 2 guitar strings and 2 tuning knobs for the strings for more spectrum in regards to full precision control with having more or less ‘snare’ sound. The Bass has more oomph and power boom due to a more enhanced and larger natural built in wooden bass port (internal work at the sound hole) and it has rounded corners in the front for more ease and comfort. It also has an internal sound carpet that gives much more separation in sound between the highs and basses, and is very useful for recording. The sound carpet can be partly placed out via the sound hole, resulting in a completely different sound. The finish between the Toro models is slightly different, the Pro Elite has a solid black finish on the front board with the logo in natural wood colour, and the Pro has an opaque black colour front board and the logo is white. In other matters such as the wood and general construction, they are both the same. It all depends on what your need are, they are both really great. I would say the Pro is great for playing live, and if you want a top range instrument to record to perfection and everything, the Pro Elite is great.

          Hope this helps! Do let me know if you have any other questions! You can feel free to place a backorder as some of my Pro Elite models get sold out before the stock is even finished (they are very popular and we only handcraft small scale – we focus on quality not quantity)

          And thanks for visiting my website and enjoying my lessons, more to come real soon!

          Heidi Joubert

    • heidijoubert Post author

      Hello Alessandro!

      Oh my I don’t know why but I only saw this comment now! Postage costs to Italy is £25 and I can give you a free Pro Pad (black) if you order a bag and Pro Elite Toro model from me! I am not sure if you are still interested so please feel free to write to me!


  18. Lisa Andujar Estrella

    Hello Heidi

    I have been checking out cajons and am very interested in purchasing one from you, how much is shipping to the USA (NYC) and which one would you recommend for a beginner who wants to then become advanced?

    Kindest regards,
    Lisa Andujar

    • heidijoubert Post author

      Hello Lisa

      Shipping at present costs £65 to the USA. I would always recommend going for the best quality when you purchase a music instrument that you intend to play well into the future, having said that, all my Cruz Cajons are amazing! I would however say that if you did buy one to be shipped to the US, I would personally go for the Pro Elite model as you would pay the same shipping regardless of the model you decide to buy, if that makes any sense. They are really great and I am so sure you will simply love whatever Cruy Cajon model you decide to go for.

      And thank you for writing to me and visiting my website, it means so much to me!


      Heidi Joubert


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