Cruz Cajon Pro Toro Model

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Cruz cajon is Heidi Joubert’s bespoke signature cajon line handmade in Spain by our passionate and experienced artisan who takes pride in delivering outstanding professional instruments made with the utmost love and care, who also happens to love music, particularly percussion and plays flamenco cajon himself! 🙂
Our Cruz Cajon Pro produces a superbly professional sound at a starter price. It has beautiful tone, with a neat separation between the highs and lows, and unlike other cajones in this price range which lack a lot of low end, it has a surprisingly deep and powerful bass. Sharp top and warm deep bass.
This is certainly one of the best cajons on the market for it’s price, quality and sound.
Handcrafted with the best ‘Finest russian birchwood’ and perfectly finished for maximum quality and sound, ensured endurability for years to come. This cajon is pure quality!  It is effortless to get an awesome sound out of this outstanding instrument, even as a total beginner. Ease of playbility, rich tone and seperation of the basses and highs are effortless to achieve with this ‘box’ drum.
The body of all our Pro Models are now made with Birchwood, a much higher quality wood than the MDF used for cajons in this price range. The body is a natural light wood colour due to the new wood used for the body, the frontboard of the Pro Leon remains the same natural wood colour with black Logo designed by Heidi Joubert. We have also improved the string tuning system immensely, you can tune all the strings from one single knob now situated on the bottom front of the cajon, so you can easily adjust your tuning (tighten or loosen the strings for more or less ‘snare’ sound) in playing position while you are sitting on the cajon instead of having to get off the cajon top tune it from behind. This is very useful especially in a live situation while you are playing!
These changes improves on the sound and practicality of the cajon. I am certain you
will really enjoy these ‘upgrades’!
The making of the cruz cajon
After the handcrafting process, each cajon is finely tuned and then taken through a testing phase and approved by our professional cajon team (Heidi personally plays, checks and tunes each cajon herself, sometimes she packs them herself too 🙂 to ensure it matches the highest possible standard, no other cajon in this price range can match this quality or standard!
Outstanding Handmade instruments and great for your posture and developing a good technique
The sound quality is superb and so is the playing action, with an extremely fast rebound action that makes it almost effortless to play. The bass “sweet spot” is situated as high as possible, just below the “snare” for the optimum posture when playing the cajon. It has a rageously loud bass with a beautiful resonance and a neat, crisp attack on the highs. The separation between the highs and the lows is very neat and distinct, needless to say these are fabulous for live playing, acoustic playing and recording! It is really almost effortless to get a great sound out of the cruz cajon!
Does not come with a bag
Differences in colours (ie toro or leon) is purely cosmetic and has no effect on the actual sound.
Available in black (Cruz “Toro” model) or natural (Cruz “Leon” model)
More colour and customised options coming soon!

14 Replies to “Cruz Cajon Pro Toro Model”

  1. Revnd Andy Gray

    We’ve had the cruz piano string, black style cajon in the house for about a week now. I wanted to have a clear definition between the kick and the snare sound, and although I wanted the snare to be less ‘rattle’, i did want a rock sizzle sound. Some cajons seem to be all thud and tom without any sound of snare. I particularly wanted something I could use for rock style drumming. heidi was really helpful with her advice! I was looking at the Schlagwerk 2 in 1 cajon (£120) which a friend of mine leant me, in fact it was borrowing his that got me hooked. The price of Heidi’s Cruz is substantially more, but I wanted to support her, and get a quality instrument. The big question is, does it deliver on the sound, and is it worth the extra? The answer is a massive YES!!!
    The first thing we (that is my 6 year old, 11 year old…and me.) found was that the Cruz was harder to play. Yes, harder. Read on though, McDuff. The problem was there are many more variations of sound tone in the tones available than the Schlag. in such a small area. You can have different tones of snare, from tight, to rim shot, to a fuller-almost-bass snare and retain the sizzle. The nicest sound I have discovered is to have a fast strike with the middle joint of my middle finger. Equally, the bass kick is variable. A full flat hand in the middle will give some of the snare still, but a strike with the front of my hand creates a beautiful rich thud, which can be a dry sound, or have a boomy resonance depending on how I attack/release it. Heidi is right, you don’t have to lean over the box at all, the kick is near the top centre, and it’s more relaxing to play than the Schlag.
    The technique of rubbing your foot up and down the front to change the bass tone works wonderfully, and again there are many variations that you can produce, and still retain some of the resonance. Personally again i found it easier than the Schlag to achieve this.
    And there’s more.
    I don’t know if it’s the same on the lighter colour cajon, but the playing of the Cruz is like playing a silk skin! The schlag still felt like striking a bit of wood, but Heidi’s offering has more of a soft drum skin feel to it.
    The other thing is volume. Again, on the Schlag it seemed as though you had to give it a fair old whack to get the individual sounds. I have really enjoyed the Cruz being able to play it really quietly for practice, as well as being able to get some massive volume out of it. Truly, you can play it with your finger tips and it sounds just as good, which is excellent if playing completely acoustic with just a classical guitarist who is un-mic’d and you don’t want to drown them out. Then again, i think it will hold it’s own sitting in the right place in the mix with a louder set up, and of course mic-ing it up is easy.
    If there is one downside, I would say it was the feet, which are felt. Now I don’t know much about cajon building (scrap that, i know zilch, nadda, nothing!). I guess that it is to isolate the sound. I wonder if outside they might get a bit soggy? Will that soak up the water to damage the wood? Also, i play in our kitchen which has a slippery tiled floor, and when I have been practicing side hits with my heel, the cajon has moved a bit each time. I will look into getting a rubber mat. That said, of course, it’s not damaging the wood floors in other parts of the house! And if you are wondering, Heidi said that the Cajon’s she recomends (incidentally the expensive versions of hers, from the same manufacturer) have angled feet so you don’t have to tilt the box backwards. The Cruz has this feature too, even though she doesn’t mention it on her own descriptions. And the result? The schlag needed to be tipped, and the Cruz doesn’t! Cruz sounds just as good tipped or not (so why bother getting cramp…just don’t do bother tipping) and sounds as good as a tipped Schlag.
    The rest of the construction is so solid, and whilst i wouldn’t want to throw the thing around, it looks like it could take it. Must get a cajon bag though…Perhaps that’s something else that Heidi could provide? That and giving some access to things like heck sticks and low hats…
    I think it took about 3 weeks to arrive, because Heidi didn’t have any in stock when I ordered. So she arranged to have it made up and delivered straight from Spain from the manufacturers. Worth the weight. it was really well packaged, arriving in a well fitting corrugated box, and enough soft-clad padding to protect it for it’s journey, and FRAGILE stickers all over it. Sufficient to say it arrived recorded and in perfect condition. It smelt wonderfully lacquered and new too!
    Apart from the feet issue (any ideas Heidi?) this is one perfect and professional musical instrument. Don’t get it for a school, it’s too good! Unless of course you want to inspire them with a truly professional instrument. Yes, even the kids can play it. Particularly my 11 year old who I have been trying to find an instrument that will work for him for ages! If you are asking if it’s worth the extra money I would say 100% yes. Score it 9.75 out of 10!
    (just in case anyone wonders about my qualifications to comment, I’ve been in bands for the last 20 years as guitarist, vocalist and occasional drummer in everything from folk style to rock set ups).

  2. Bryan Harrison

    My new Pro Toro Cruz arrived today and not only does it look stunning – the sound is absolutely amazing! Not that I’m playing it properly yet of course but just the different sounds from the different parts of the cajon. Playing even a very simple pattern is strangely therapeutic, almost hypnotic. Many thanks too for the wealth of information and instruction on your website. This, along with the obvious quality of your product, is bound to make this an exciting new venture.

  3. Koray mehmet

    I play Cajon almost every weekend at gigs, I replaced my Schlagwerk cajon for this beauty and I must say I am very impressed.
    The tuning function is ideal and not only does it sound great but the craftsmanship makes it look like a masterpiece. Thanks guys, I would gladly recommend this.

  4. Geoff Cooper

    Having done a bit of drumming and currently playing percussion in a swing orchestra I decided I would like to try playing a cajon. I visited a reputable music shop and tried a few different makes. Frankly I was a bit disappointed. In discussion with a member of staff he mentioned the Cruz with a slight sound of awe in his voice. I checked the Cruz out online. shared a few emails with Heidi – drew breath at the price but took the plunge. Within two weeks I was playing a short gig with an acoustic blues band (first gig for them!) at the recent Dereham Blues Festival. Wasn’t very well prepared and was not mic’d up but at the end got really good reaction from the band members and the audience.
    Does it sound fantastic – 100% YES
    Does it feel good to play – 100% YES
    Does it look stunning – 100% YES
    Was it worth the extra money – 100% YES
    Do I want to join Heidi’s September school in Cambridge – 100% YES
    Am I happy – OH YES

  5. Danny Morgan

    Having sold my full drum kit a few years ago, I decided to pick up the cajon as a hobby. However, when asked to join a band as their resident cajon-ist, I decided to upgrade.
    I found Heidi’s videos late in 2013, and found them immensely helpful and inspiring – I knew I wanted the cajon she was using! So I took the plunge for this model and have been blown away.
    It looks sexy, sounds superb and I can honestly say has added a new dynamic to our band of three. My bandmates and friends in the audience at gigs have all commented on how good it sounds.
    So, if you’re worried about taking a punt on any Cruz Cajon… don’t! You won’t be disappointed!

  6. Flip

    The Cruz Pro Toro is my first Cajon, but I don`t see how it could be any better.
    I can just agree with the other reviews from more experienced people, the sound is great.
    The bass is fat and has quite some power when played hard, but the snare was the bigger surprise to me as it sounds,well, sharp like a snare.
    I don`t find it easy to always get the strokes right for the sound I am aiming for, but my mis-strokes tell me there is a lot of sound variations in this thing waiting to be put to good use.
    As for the design, it looks as good as on the images, just as I hoped.
    To be honest, I`d probably still be happy if it wouldn`t make a single sound, it`s pretty furniture as well. 😉
    Last but not least, I`ve sent a mail to the support address asking a rather silly question about the two snare-knobs at the back.
    The reply Heidi sent back was adorably thorough, explaining everything there is to know in detail.
    Things like that matter to me.
    It`s obvious Heidi is passionate about what she is doing and about the instrument she is selling.
    And she seems to have found the perfect partners crafting such a high quality product for her.

  7. Nahki

    I love Cruz Cajon.
    It sounds as I expected.
    I could not find anything like this in any music store near by.
    Now I need a carrying case.

  8. Doerte

    My Cruz Cajon Pro Toro arrived savely wrapped today, and it’s truely beautiful, with a distinct sound, and high quality handcraft work! The bass tone is located as high as possible, like it was promised, and it delivers an warm but still crisp sound, with great dynamic range. I just love it. Heidi tested it herself just before sending it, to make sure everything is alright. Thank you for the excellent service!
    Dörte, Germany

  9. Brian J

    Just received my new Cajon a few hours ago and must say that it was love at first touch. The sound is incredible and its wonderful to play. I’m really positively surprised about this Cajon.
    Furthermore I want to thank for an extraordinary good service. I can really recommend others to go for Cajon here. 🙂

  10. jonathan

    Just to let you know it arrived safe and sound and it is very good….I like it…it has inspired me already!
    thanks a lot. The body appears to be made from MDF, but the front playing surface is nice wood and it sounds great. Good warm boom and crisp snare. Nice.

  11. Markus Schoch

    Hi Heidi,
    Just wanted to let u know that we received the cajon today and love it. It is smaller but louder and more solid than I thought it would be. It sounds super. Cool! Tks.
    All the best.

  12. Afshin

    I’ve owned a Pearl PCJ-629 Jingle Cajon for about a year or so. It retails for about £180+ and whilst I had a lot of fun with it for a while, I had to remove the snare due to the annoying vibrations that I couldn’t fix despite many time consuming attempts. I purchased the pro toro model and had high expectations. I was very pleased when Heidi advised me that it is now made entirely from birch but I didn’t know this at the time of purchasing. I was deliberating I’m getting the model up but decided to go with Heidi’s recommendation in the end and glad I did so.
    The design is beautiful and it feels silky smooth. It’s narrower than my pearl Cajon which is ergonomically better in my opinion. I must admit I was a bit underwhelmed when I first started to play it and wasn’t sure if it was money well spent, but it was exciting to have the snare sound back. After a longer session playing it, I realised that it took some adjusting to and is capable of producing a wider range of sounds and somewhat more difficult to play as a result. It’s consequently made me eager to practice more and it’s sounding better as I become more familiar with it. It had really put the fun back into playing again and I play at every given opportunity. When it’s too late in the evening to play it out of consideration for my neighbours, I eagerly wait for the next opportunity and definitely very pleased to have purchased it.
    I stumbled across the Roland EC-10M ELCajon Mic Processor the other day and seriously considering investing in one to add more variety and fun to playing this great Cajon.

  13. Jean Vincent

    The Cruze Pro Toro Cajon is my First Cajon.
    Yes it looks like you need to be a little more precise on it in order to obtain all the different sound on it but, it’s sooo good sounding!!! The little effort worth it cause you can definitely obtain more modulation than other brand. For the money spend, there is nothing close, the overhaul quality, wood, handcraft, design, is really worth it.
    On top of that, having a delay on my order, Heidi personnally contact me, gave me constant follow up, and a compensation… She really cares for her customers, that’s something we don’t see often nowaday! I strongly recommand Cruze products!!!
    Jean Vincent, Montreal, Canada.

  14. shaunslyndonsmith

    Just received my Cruz Cajon. Looks, feels & sounds great. This is my 2nd Cajon, & a vast improvement on my other one. Have been playing for about a year & have been impressed by Heidi’s youtube channel. I’ve followed quite a few of her recommendations & have not been disappointed.
    Her personal involvement in getting these out to her customers is terrific, she tuned & plays each one prior to sending them out. She’s very passionate, very talented & a great inspiration.
    Thanks Heidi Joubert.


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