Modern Method for Cajon part 1 & 2

Technique & Rudiments

A range of fundamental & practical exercises focused on building a strong foundation for your playing and developing the perfect technique with a beautiful sound. These exercises will not only set a firm foundation for you as a cajon player but they will help you progress much faster as you learn your grooves. Each Lesson includes intense practice-along to ensure you learn the correct technique from the start.

The lessons are strategically designed to build upon each other so it is recommended that you learn each lesson in the suggested order laid out here. Don’t forget to incorporate a lifestyle of daily disciplined practise to get the best out of yourself! If you don’t know how to practise, practise with me using the practise along videos. It will help you formulate your own practising routine. Have fun, practise and most of all, may these lessons help you discover the heartbeat of your soul!

Heidi Joubert


Lesson 1

‘Single Stroke’

Lesson 2

‘Double subdivision’

Lesson 3

‘Wrist technique’

Lesson 4

‘Moving over 2 sounds’

Lesson 5

‘Accents & Ghost notes’

Lesson 6

‘Accents & Ghost notes in triplets’

Lesson 7

‘Side stroke technique’


Lesson 8

‘Accents, Ghost & 3 sounds’

Lesson 11a

‘Flam Rudiment’

Lesson 9

‘Single stroke rolls’

Lesson 11b

‘Flam triplets’

Lesson 10

‘Change subdivision & feel’

Lesson 12

‘Double Stroke’

Have fun and enjoy the process as you keep learning and improving!

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