Modern Method for Cajon part 1

Rhythms & Grooves

In this section we learn a wide variety of different rhythm & groove patterns covering varying genres & styles. Each groove lesson has a few different pattern variations so you get in depth learning on each groove & style. With intensive practise-along parts you will learn each pattern thoroughly before moving on to the next.  Each groove has a play-along song so that once you have learnt the groove pattern and practised it diligently, you can enjoy the reward of putting what you have learnt into context with music and real musicians.

Playing time: 3hrs 37 mins / 5 Groove lessons / 17 Groove patterns / 39 Videos

I sincerely hope you enjoy learning & playing these grooves!

Introduction to Rhythms & Grooves section

Introduction to Rhythms & Grooves section

Well done on completing the technique section! Now we will move on to our rhythms and grooves, but do not neglect your technique and rudiments! I strongly recommend going through the practise along sections regularly to build up your technique

Playing time: 3hrs 37 mins / 39 Videos

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