Modern Method for Cajon part 1 & 2

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Modern Method for Cajon part 1 & 2

Section 1

Cajon Basics

The foundational part. Learning all about the basic sounds, the proper hand placement & technique to play the cajon, how to tune your cajon, different types of cajons, stretching & warming up exercises, how to practice, and the correct seating position for a healthy posture.

Section 2

Technique & Rudiments

A range of fundamental & practical exercises focused on building a strong foundation for your playing and developing the perfect technique with a beautiful sound. With intensive practice-along parts using a metronome. These exercises will help you progress much faster as you learn your grooves.

Section 3

Rhythms & Grooves

A wide variety of different rhythm & groove patterns covering varying genres & styles. With intensive practice-along parts followed by play-along songs so that you can put what you have learnt into context with music and real musicians. Now with extra videos and play along songs recommended by Heidi.

Section 4

Breaks & Fills

Dedicated to taking you even further into the world of becoming a top class cajon player! In this section we learn a number of break & fill patterns and put them into context within our grooves.

We actually also learn how to implement some of our rudiments and exercises learnt in the technique section in this part, implementing it within our playing. Very exciting, fun and next level!

Section 5

Cajonkit & Add-ons

Moving slowly into more intermediate and advanced levels as we dive into adding other drums and accesories to our cajon, such as the Cymbal, the snare drum or djembe and a footpedal. A great introduction filled with great patterns to develop independence and a deeper sense and awareness of your internal tempo and beat. Excellent for expanding your sound and adding tons of new colours and nuances to your playing.

 Section 6

Complete book with Notation & Guidelines

After some great feedback from you guys, I have decided to also write a book with all the notation of the exercises, lessons and rhythms patterns we are learning throughout the Modern Method.

With  tons of extra bonus material, exercises and rhythm patterns as well as extra guidelines and tips to help you progress more efficiently.

Have fun and enjoy the process as you keep learning and improving!

I would love to hear from you!

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