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  1. Thomas Bauer

    Hi. This is Thomas from Frankfurt/Germany. I’d like to get information about your cajons and prices. Are they available in Germany? Any shops where I could eventually check them out?
    Thanks for your videos. Great playing, but also great teaching!!!
    All the best

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hey Thomas!
      something must be a bit wrong with this page as there’s no content, I will fix it and when you visit again it will be up again so you can check out prices! i am uncertaind of distribution in germany at the moment but it is possible that it will be very soon!

  2. Kim Goodman

    Hi Heidi,

    I received my Toro Pro Elite cajon stateside the other day, and I LOVE IT!!!! I can’t stop playing it (I feel bad for my kids’ sake as I’m allowing them far too much screen time while I play with reckless abandon! Bad Mama!) 😂

    It’s very responsive n snappy n has a great separation of sound re: the carretillas along with a rich bass. And it’s simply a beautiful instrument… I find myself intentionally walking past it just to look at it when I’m not playing it. This instrument was obviously designed and made with ALOT of love and care.

    I was a bit nervous to buy a cajon from another country, and without first testing it out myself, but upon learning that you personally test each one yourself washed away any fears of not being satisfied with my purchase. I am SO HAPPY!!!! Thank you once again… this cajon brings me PURE JOY!!! 😊

    Warm Regards,
    Kim Goodman

    • heidijoubert Post author

      Hey Kim!

      so glad you are loving your new Cruz Cajon! Thank you for your awesome words and for your custom!

      Big love


    • heidijoubert Post author

      Hello Kim!

      Thank you for your very nice review and your kind words, I am SOOOO happy that you love your new Cruz Cajon! May you have many happy grooves with your new cajon, and again, thank you for your support and love, it means so much to me!



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