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Heidi Joubert

Welcome to my website

Hi! I am Heidi Joubert and this is my website all about the cajon. I started this website mainly as a blog and it has developed over the years, it now features my ‘Modern Method for cajon‘ – my video step-by-step online video course, teaching thousands of people to play the cajon. I also have a unique webshop that features my very own Cruz Cajons and a number of other cajon accessories. I have a page dedicated to my music and my projects as well as dates of my workshops, clinics and tours.

As a result of the tremendous feedback I had received from various people all over the world, I’ve started up a newsletter for those interested in joining my journey and learning via my regular video lesson, blogs and latest news .

It is my hope that this website will inspire you to find your heartbeat through the cajon, not only in a drumming sense but also in your personal life. Thank you for visiting my website and feel to get in touch with me, leave a comment on my pages or sign up to my newsletter to stay in contact, I would love to hear from you!

All my love

About the Author

Heidi Joubert is an internationally recognised Cajon player, known as a pioneer of the cajon and one of the world’s leading cajon educators. Her popular youtube channel focused on teaching people to play cajon, which currently sees over 120K subscribers with over 17 Million views on her video lessons. She regularly tours the world giving cajon clinics, workshops and performances for many established music organisations and companies as well as privately …


Modern Method for Cajon

Part 1 Beginners

I’ve compiled all the basics to get you started on the cajon! These are some fundamental lessons to help you build a strong foundation for becoming a great cajon player. There are also more parts of the Modern Method to be released soon for intermediate & advanced levels, so make sure you sign up to my newsletter to stay updated.

I trust that you will enjoy these lessons immensely!

Let’s get started!