Modern Method for Cajon part 1 & 2

Rhythms & Grooves

A wide variety of different rhythm & groove patterns covering varying genres & styles. With intensive practice-along parts followed by play-along songs so that you can put what you have learnt into context with music and real musicians. The lessons are strategically designed to build upon each other so it is recommended that you learn each lesson in the suggested order laid out here. Have fun, practise and most of all, may these lessons help you discover the heartbeat of your soul!

Heidi Joubert


Groove Lesson 1


Groove Lesson 2


Groove Lesson 3

‘Pop / Rock / Soul’

Groove Lesson 4

‘4 on the Floor’

Groove Lesson 5



Groove Lesson 6


Groove Lesson 9

‘Swing / Shuffle’

Groove Lesson 12

‘Rumba Tumbao’

Groove Lesson 7

‘Arabic Darbuka Groove’

Groove Lesson 10

‘Flamenco Tangos’

Groove Lesson 13

‘Blues / Shuffle / Rock n Roll’

Groove Lesson 8

‘Folk / Country / Pop’

Groove Lesson 11


Groove Lesson 14

‘Blues / Shuffle / Rock n Roll’

Independent hands

Have fun and enjoy the process as you keep learning and improving!

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