Cruz Cajon MINI

Cruz Cajon Mini is pure quality & tons of fun. Produces a superbly professional sound that far exceeds the usual ‘kids’ instruments available on the market. A small box with a mega punch! It has beautiful tone, with a neat separation between the highs and lows, and, unlike other cajons in this price range which lack a lot of low end, it has a surprisingly punchy bass. Crisp bright snare sounds that can be adjusted to your own personal preference with our unique string-tuning system. A little box with a big resonance.

It is pure joy to play, with ease of playability.  It is effortless to achieve an amazing sound with this cajon, even for the total beginners and very young children.

Watch our short animation of the PRO Model which has the same features & inside as the Mini

More about our Mini cajon

We wanted to create a cajon for kids that is of equal quality & sound as our other Cruz Cajons. We believe that it is just as important (if not more) for kids to have a real high quality instrument to learn and play on during the most important learning period of their life.

All kids enjoy music and there are no kids who does not love to bang on things and make a big noise, this is the perfect instrument & companion for children!
Suitable for all ages, Ideal for kids between the ages of 3-10. It is well known that the younger you start playing, the more natural it is for someone to play, so why not give your child the gift of music and rhythms from a young age!

Our Cruz Cajons Mini is made especially strong, designed to withstand rough handling likely to happen in the hands of young ones. They can be thrown around, banged upon, sprayed with water and they will still stand! Heavy duty and can handle up to 120 kgs! Now thats a pretty strong box, it only weighs around 1.5kgs and can hold up to almost 100 times it’s own weight!

Also perfect for adults & useful when travelling! You can now have your cruz cajon with you wherever you go with our little ‘mini’ cajon!


  •  Rounded Corners  – extra comfort & ease of  playability with a sleek finish

  •  2 Tunable guitar strings – crisp bright ‘snare’ with various sound possibilities

  •  Unique Tuning system – personalise your snare sound, ultra durable, minimises buzz, rattles & string breakage

  • Easy-to-use tuning knob – unique & practical tuning knob, strategically placed to tighten / loosen strings as you play. Easily tune the strings in playing positon without having to get off the cajon to do so! Very useful for that situation live onstage, you can tune it even as you play!

  •  Built-in fortified Bass port – Extra bass boost & resonance

  •  4 strong anti-slip rubber feet – solid support & movement reduction as you play


*Each cajon has its own ‘unique look’ as the natural wood grain is visible and different for every cajon

Natural wood chasis (body), opaque black frontboard colour, white logo