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Cruz Cajon Family


Cruz Cajon is Heidi Joubert’s  unique brand of outstanding cajons. Developed and designed by Heidi Joubert for the optimum playing experience. Each Cruz Cajon is delicately handcrafted to perfection in Spain with passion & love by our experienced artesan who takes pride in delivering outstanding professional instruments. Handmade with the finest birchwood, using only the highest quality wood and  materials for a perfect sounding cajon with a rich resonance & beautiful finish.

The making of the Cruz Cajon & quality control

After the handcrafting process, each cajon is finely tuned and then taken through a rigorous  testing phase, approved by our professional cajon team to ensure it matches the highest possible standard.

Excellent for your posture, playability & developing a good technique

The sound quality is superb and so is the playing action, with an extremely fast rebound action that makes it effortless to play. The bass “sweet spot” is situated as high as possible, just below the “snare” to encourage & retain a healthy posture, as well as developing the correct technique as you play the cajon. It has a rageously loud bass with a beautiful resonance & a neat, crisp attack on the highs with a distinct separation between the snare and bass sounds. Fabulous for acoustic playing, miced-up playing and recording! It is really almost effortless to get a great sound out of the cruz cajon!

Making a difference with our charity

A part of the profits from all our cajon sales go towards our Skierlik Community Project,  set up by Heidi Joubert in collaboration with a local pastor & his team, based in the informal settlement of Skierlik in South Africa. They dedicate their lives to making a difference in their community. The charity helps children & families living in the most poverty stricken conditions in the local & surrounding areas. The project offers feeding programs, education & skill training and a safe space with rehabilitation for children who are abandoned, abused or neglected, and helps get them off the streets and out of a life of violence & crime.  Find out more & get involved here.

Cruz Cajon Range

There are 7 cajon models in the Cruz Cajon range.

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