Heidi to be international demo artist and face for Rolands new Hybrid Cajon range, Elcajon.

I have had the honour to be asked to be the face and international artist for the worlds first hybrid cajon range by Roland. Roland launched their new range with the Elcajon EC10 which is an acoustic cajon with built in triggers to allow for electronic layered sounds on the cajon. The EC10 is launched in Jan 2016 at the NAMM music show in California where Heidi will be presenting it onstage.
Check out the promo video here, which was directed and written by Heidi herself:


Heidi's Demo EC10 by Roland wins Best show award @ Namm 2016

My launch demo of the EC10 cajon by Roland at NAMM 2016 was so successful that it won the NAMM award for best show 2016!
What an honour to be part of the Roland family and to be the first to demo and introduce the world to the first worldwide Electronic cajon!

NEW Cajon & Hang (handpan) video

Here’s a video of the Cajon and Handpan in action, featuring Giovanni Spadoni from Italy. We perform an improvised version of Giovanni’s song ‘Love trip’. We just got together and made this video on the same day. We’ll be doing another one again soon!

THe hardpan is a very interesting instrument, I tried it myself and I might possibly get one, though they are hard to get ahold of! 🙂
What do you think? Do you like THis combination?

Our cajon courses & workshops

Here’s a short video to show what you can expect if you intend to join some of our cajon courses starting up in Jan 2013 in London or Cambridge.

Don’t worry if you are not situated in the UK, we are also starting up our online cajon school (via skype), get in touch if you are interested!
During the summer of 2013 we are planning to do a cajon workshop tour in Europe and perhaps even further if possible, let us know if you want Heidi to come and do a cajon workshop in your city! If you know any cajon/percussions schools that might be interested, please drop us a line! 🙂

How to mike up your cajon

Heidi Joubert gives a bit of insight on how to mike up your cajon for live shows or in the studio. This is the first video to feature Heidi Joubert’s very own Brand called Cruz Cajon, available exclusively from CAJONBOX.COM

Many times when miking up the cajon, I have found the back mike to give a bit of a box like sound, and there’s a very simply solution for this…. simply put a small towel or shirt or foam inside the cajon (on the bottom on the cajon, careful not to touch the front plate unless thats what you want) and this will stop the hollow box like sound that comes from the back of almost any cajon.
Also it is very very common that a snare or string cajon will have some buzzing which can be heard more clearly once you are set up to record. Yet another simple solution is to have some tape close at hand, find out where the area is of the string/s or snare/s that buzzes, and tape that part down against the front plate. Sometimes tuning your cajon will not make the buzz go away, so you would need to learn how to find the buzzing spot and how to tape it down. Simply use your ears to find the spot that needs taping down and whala! There you have it! You are now ready to record!