NEW Cajon & Hang (handpan) video

Here’s a video of the Cajon and Handpan in action, featuring Giovanni Spadoni from Italy. We perform an improvised version of Giovanni’s song ‘Love trip’. We just got together and made this video on the same day. We’ll be doing another one again soon!

THe hardpan is a very interesting instrument, I tried it myself and I might possibly get one, though they are hard to get ahold of! 🙂
What do you think? Do you like THis combination?

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  1. Emmanuel FOHR

    just saw your video. Nice composition, nice duo cajon with Hang. I understand this video is also a promotional clip for
    You should be aware about the title of the video. Giovanni is using a Free Integral Hang which is obviously a wonderful instrument. I think their creators would not like to see it called “Hang drum” again.
    I’m myself Hang owner and player and understand we should to be careful about the terms we use.
    Thank you!

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hello Emmanuel
      Thank you for your comment. Firstly I need to state that my videos are not made for promotional purposes, if it was so I would have made much shorter clips, as I am sure you can appreciate these videos take A LOT of time to edit and of course all of them will show my cajonbox logo. Cajonbox is also a free website with loads of very useful info on, and I believe anyone who enjoys my free videos would also enjoy and benefit from this free website. I do these videos and website because I enjoy it, I am not getting paid by someone for putting up the cajonbox logo… As per your comment about the title I give the video, you are absolutely right, and no offense is given by it, it’s just a fact that most ppl know it and refers to it as hang drum rather than just hang, I seriously do not see whats the big deal about what one calls it but then again I know the makers are very adamant about what it is called and so I will respect that, and seeing that it is a bit of a sensitive subject, I will change the title. Thanks for reminding me, Giovanni mentioned something like this but it slipped my mind, I suppose because I have not gotten myself a hang yet….. 🙂
      Thanks for visiting my site and enjoying my cajonbox videos!

  2. Ansi

    Hey Heidi and Giovanni, nice combination and awesomely played. I like the groove, your rolls and fills. And Giovanni you’ve got good talent on the Hang or Hang drum (btw hang or hang drum is no biggy) LOL
    Keep em coming. Keep it real and give us more of your gigs.
    Ansi from the Sunny Side of Life. 🙂

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hahaha Ansi I agree, no biggy about Drum or no drum lol! anyways, best to not offend ppl when one can help it… even though it itches me to be a bit cheeky hehe 🙂
      Hope you havin fun with the cruz buddy!! Catch u in Maldives when I visit!

  3. Clive Alive

    Hi Lady H,
    Thanks for posting this video. I think it’s good to promote applications of the use of the cajon, as well as marterial that simply shows how to have fun with them.
    I like the overall sound and like the fact that you illustrate a cajon “set-up”, not just the cajon. Those cymbals sound great – I’m guessing the one nearest the camera is the Xplosion you have mentioned in a previous entry, but please let me know. Also, the cajon itself: I didn’t get much of the crispy snare sound, did you have the strings falrly loose, or was this just the recording (or my speakers)?
    Keep on rocking girl. If you ever venture further north than Cambridge, let me know.

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hey Clive
      Thanks for the nice compliments on my videos and web! The cymbal closest to the camera is indeed not the AAX but a turkish 10 inch splash…. turkish rockbeat. As per the snares on my cajon, you are right, the videos sound is not really good, I unfortunately did not record the audio seperate so the mike used to pick up the sound is solely the video camera mike which isn’t very good at picking up the snary souynd of my cajon for some reason. I am working on recording the audio for all my videos properly in the future so you can have a moer realistic sound of the cajon.
      Catch you North Of Cambridge! 😉

  4. Tony Cerniglia

    First, I must say “unbelievable”. This performance went straight to my soul. The melody, the style, and the playing was very inspirational. Watching you both perform on your instruments was mesmerizing. You both were in that special place. I’ve never seen or heard a hang drum. I’m going to have to get one of those.
    Thank you for recording and sharing this performance.
    In researching Cajons I came across your website. You totally blew me away with the amount of information and insight on the Cajon. Can you explain the set-up your using in the video. The drums, cymbals and stands. A similar set-up will suit me well being that I was born and raised a rock and pop drummer from the states.
    You mentioned a piano string Cajon on your site. What is the difference between that and the guitar string instrument? Do you sell those also?
    You should see a purchase for a Toro Cruz coming from me soon. I need to get a Cajon for my bands acoustic sets and feel a connection to purchase it from you.
    I like what you do and why you do it.

  5. Jesco Lincke

    As someone independently fascinated by the Cajon and the Hang you can imagine my delight at seeing them played together – and with such skill and synergy too!
    You stated in the beginning that this was the first of several videos… Any idea when you’re going to release the rest? Can’t wait to see more – you and Giovanni play wonderfully together.


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