Modern Method for Cajon

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Heidi’s Joubert’s Modern Method for cajon is a step-by-step video module covering everything from the basics to intermediate and advanced lessons. The method consists of technique and rudiment lessons, groove lessons over a wide range of genres and styles, a basics section containing stretching exercises, how to tune your cajon, the basics sounds and much more. The Method also contains tons of Practise along videos and play along with Heidi and friends to practise the grooves and techniques you learn in the lessons.

‘I cannot wait to release this, it features over 12 years of my work and journey on the cajon and I am finally about to bring it out!’

For more info write to me at

Christmas Cajon workshop in London with Heidi Joubert

I am so excited to announce that I will be giving a special Christmas Cajon workshop in London on Tuesday 10th Dec from 8:30pm till 10pm in Camden Town at the North London Music Academy Dance studios.


This is set to be the last cajon get together of the year, I am so excited to see you all! All levels and all ages are very warmly welcomed, and I look forward to see some old faces and some new faces! 🙂

Come learn some amazing new rhythms while having fun, making beats and laughing, discovering the drummer within us and making new friends! And, of course, seeing that it’s Christmas, we will also look at learning play a few Christmas songs and carols on cajon and enjoy grooving along together as a group as well… come feel the beat of the drum vibrate through your very soul this festive season! 🙂

The workshop lasts 1.5hrs and costs £20 pp, there are limited spaces available so please RSVP and book here to avoid disappointment! It will take place at the North London Music Academy, in the beautiful Solo Dance studio on floor 1.

Please bring your cajon along if you have one (you can also bring a djembe or another percussion if you want to use that instead), I have some limited cajons available for hire during the workshop but it must be reserved ahead of time via a message here via Meetup or email at latest 2 days before the Meetup. Cajon hire is £4 for the duration of the workshop, to be paid in cash at the workshop. Please bring exact change if possible 🙂

Cajon Skype lessons

It’s a new year and I’m getting back to giving few private cajon classes via Skype due to a number of people expressing interest in this!

I have one a few limited spaces left and I am offering a 20% discount on your first class with me online. Please get in touch should you be interested:

New beginners cajon classes in London

I’m very excited to start up a new beginners course again!

Heidi Joubert London Cajon School

Join our weekly cajon classes where we have fun, learn a lot about music and rhythm and make new friends. We also learn to have more confidence and enjoy expressing ourselves through rhythm and music. Plus it’s the coolest new thing, to play cajon, so don’t get left out! 🙂

Starting on 22 Jan 2019, Tuesdays 7:30-8:30pm


I’m very excited to start up a new beginners course again!

Join our weekly cajon classes where we have fun, learn a lot about music and rhythm and make new friends. We also learn to have more confidence and enjoy expressing ourselves through rhythm and music. Plus it’s the coolest new thing, to play cajon, so don’t get left out! 🙂

No previous experience needed, and you can hire a cajon during cass. Costs are £16 per class, or £12.50 if you enrol to the entire 10 week course upfront (there is 7 classes left on this course but if you missed the first 3 classes not to worry, you can still join and enrol to the remainder of the course)

You will not find it hard to catch up, especially as we just took a big break from classes for Christmas and New years. I will give a new beginners 30 min recap class on the 22 Jan after class on Tues 22 Jan, please get in touch if you would be interested in attending this catch up class.

You do not need a cajon to join the classes as I have some cajons for hire during lesson time (at £3) and I also sell some of my own amazing handmade Cruz Cajon for sale at at discount price for any enrolled students so please check them out before buying one elsewhere, they are beautiful

The beginners course:

We will take a step by step look at technique, posture, learning different grooves, ex and how to play with musicians throughout this course. By the end of the 10 weeks you should be able to play cajon comfortably and have learnt a few different grooves and styles on the cajon. We cover a range of styles, focusing on pop, rock, blues, and world music rhythms (flamenco, latin etc) for the beginners course.

I would suggest you enrol for the entire course to get the best results from the lessons, but if there is a class or 2 you cant attend, don’t worry as we always cover what we learnt the week before in each lesson before moving on to the next topic. There might be a class or 2 which we need to shift the lessons as I do at times travel for festivals and shows, but at present I am in London for all the 10 classes. Should there be a shift to another date (it will always be the same time and on a Tues), should you be unable to make that class and you have been enrolled or have paid upfront online I would gladly offer you a refund for that one class.

For those enrolling for the entire course upfront, there is a huge discount, this is to encourage you to commit to the course so you can take full advantage of the course and become a great cajon player in no time! To pay as you go per class it’s £16, and if you enroll for the entire course it’s £12.50 per class i.e. 125GBP instead of £160 for the whole course.

To enrol to the whole course, please contact me on

Payment for enrolment can be via Paypal or Bank transfer or cash. (you can also book a cajon for hire for the whole course, or choose to buy one of my cajons)

Alternatively simply pay as you go here per class on meetup.

I look forward to meeting you, this is going to be so much fun!

For anyone interested in hiring a cajon for class, please request the hire of a cajon at least 3 days prior to the class to ensure I have one available for you for class. Please do so via private message on meetup here. I cannot guarantee a cajon for hire so the sooner your request one, the better!

I look forward to seeing you at class!


Heidi Joubert's step-by-step cajon video method lessons will be out soon

I’m in South Africa filming my step-by-step Cajon method which will include loads of exercises, rudiments, a wide range of different genre grooves, practise along sections, play along with me and my band sections and a ton of other useful lessons as tips!
It’s a complete full on method so you can become a great Cajon player whatever your level with lessons that will stay with you throughout your journey on the Cajon.
There will also be a book with written notation and detailed explanations on everything, and will be available online, Dvd and app and partly on YouTube.
I have been waiting for a long time to get all this content down and I’m so excited that it’s finally happening! It will be released very very soon, pre orders available soon!
Leave a comment below and I will send you a personal message once the course is available for pre order.
I wanna thank you all for your encouragement and support throughout the years, it’s because of you that I am enabled to finally share my self developed method to play Cajon!
I love you all very much, and here’s to a most fantastic 2018 to you all!
In the meantime check out some of my video lessons on my youtube channel:

Heidi to be international demo artist and face for Rolands new Hybrid Cajon range, Elcajon.

I have had the honour to be asked to be the face and international artist for the worlds first hybrid cajon range by Roland. Roland launched their new range with the Elcajon EC10 which is an acoustic cajon with built in triggers to allow for electronic layered sounds on the cajon. The EC10 is launched in Jan 2016 at the NAMM music show in California where Heidi will be presenting it onstage.
Check out the promo video here, which was directed and written by Heidi herself:


Heidi's Demo EC10 by Roland wins Best show award @ Namm 2016

My launch demo of the EC10 cajon by Roland at NAMM 2016 was so successful that it won the NAMM award for best show 2016!
What an honour to be part of the Roland family and to be the first to demo and introduce the world to the first worldwide Electronic cajon!

Heidi onstage with Stevie Wonder @ Namm 2016

During one of Heid’s Live demo’s of the EC10 (electronically layered cajon by Roland), Stevie Wonder came to see her Demo.
He enjoyed her performance and the EC10 so much he got onstage and tried out the EC10 while Heidi stood by his side clapping along and guiding him through how to operate this new Electronic Cajon.
This was a moment in History for Heidi and she even shared a few laughs and jokes with Stevie!

Heidi going to NAMM Festival 2016 to Demo for a new product by Roland

I’m going to LA in two weeks with this sexy baby for the NAMM SHOW with Roland!
I cannot contain my excitement! Just got my plane tickets!
I can’t reveal too much about this beauty but it’s freaking awesome, I’ve been spending quite a lot of quality time with her over the past few weeks in studio, filming and playing it….
I’m in love!
All I can say is that it’s something you’ve NEVER seen before!!!
Heeeehaw, America here I come!
So….Who’s going to the NAMM, and who’s cooking me a true Californian dinner while i’m there?!!!!!!!

Interview with Heidi on the new Podcast series for PlayCajon

Very honoured to have been the first Cajon player to be interviewed on the ‘PlayCajon’ podcast series.
It was the first time I actually spoke to Paul Jennings who is a fantastic cajon player and pioneer, and we are now planning to make a video together in Jan 2016 at the NAMM show in California… EXCITING!
Life is great when you share it with people, especially if you share the same passion!
One love my peeps!