Heidi going to NAMM Festival 2016 to Demo for a new product by Roland


I’m going to LA in two weeks with this sexy baby for the NAMM SHOW with Roland!
I cannot contain my excitement! Just got my plane tickets!

I can’t reveal too much about this beauty but it’s freaking awesome, I’ve been spending quite a lot of quality time with her over the past few weeks in studio, filming and playing it….
I’m in love!

All I can say is that it’s something you’ve NEVER seen before!!!

Heeeehaw, America here I come!


So….Who’s going to the NAMM, and who’s cooking me a true Californian dinner while i’m there?!!!!!!!

NEW video Lesson – Pop Rock Funk Hip Hop on Cajon lesson 2

I am so happy to be making video lessons again, after an extremely busy summer touring with my band Fernando’s Kitchen.

Here is a follow up lesson of my Funk Pop Rock cajon lesson, featuring two new and very useful grooves. I hope you enjoy it!

Many more lessons to follow within the next 2 months, keep an eye out!

Our online cajon school about to kick off!

Enjoy our free video lessons? Want to take it to the next level and learn more intensely with Heidi Joubert in a set out course? No worries! As we finalise the last little bit of details for our online cajon school, we are super proud to announce that we should be starting up within the next 2 weeks! If you are interested and would like to be kept updated on this, send us an email at londoncajonschool@gmail.com and we’d let you know as soon as the details are sorted! More info coming very soon! SOOOOO Excited!

7 Basic Funk / Hip hop grooves

Here I share my latest video, a short lesson just runniong thru 7 basic funk / Hip Hop groove patterns to get you warmed up for the new year!! More lessons on Funk / hip hop grooves to follow very soon!!! Sign up to my newsletter to stay updated on this!

What do you think of these patterns?
Do you want to learn more Funk gorooves?
Tell us what you think below! We want to hear from you!

NEW! Rumba video Lesson 3

The third lesson in our Rumba grooves Video Lessons series. Here Heidi Joubert takes us through some of the rumba patterns we have learnt, and goes explains how to apply them after each other in order to make different parts to your songs. In this lesson we learn how to change from one pattern to an entirely different pattern, but still keeping our basic feel of the groove we are playing. This changes parts of your song drastically without changing the overall feel of the style you are playing in.

The next Rumba Lesson will be more tricky, we’ll be looking at the Tumbao!

NEW! Rumba video lesson 2

Following rumba lesson 1, Heidi Joubert runs thru a few new variations and patterns on the rumba groove. This is basic rumba groove patterns for the beginner. Check out rumba lesson 1 before you do this one, and check out rumba lesson 3 after this lesson.

We want to hear from you!
What grooves would you like to learn?

Rumba video lesson on cajon

Here’s a basic first groove to getting started with the rumba on cajon!

The rumba has so many different patterns, grooves and feels, it has a vast range of different ways to play it. It is used most often in Latin, Cuban, African, Arabic and Flamenco (rumba catalana) styles, but the rumba pattern is al sooften used in reggeaton, dance (house etc) and popular music as well. Learning to play the rumba is important for anyone who plays cajon, it’s like learning to play alternative patterns to spice up popular music.

I am looking forward to being in the studio this week and filming rumba lesson 2, sign up to our newsletter tand be the first to know when it’s out!

We want to hear from you!
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NEW video Lesson – Blues/Shuffle/R&B/Rock on Cajon

Here’s the latest video lesson on your first blues shuffle R&B groove on Cajon.

Heidi Joubert, author and founder of all -about-cajon web cajonbox.com, gives a first complete lesson on your first Blues/Shuffle/R&B groove on the cajon. This video also has a play along song to it so you can practise along. This is one of the first video lessons to feature Heidi Joubert’s new cajon brand called cruz cajon. Checl them out on our cajonbox shop page for more details!


Cajon: Cruz Cajon (Heidi Joubert’s very own brand)
Cymbal: AAX Xplosion Sabian Crash “11 inch
Sound system: Bose Wireless Iphone Dock
Player: Iphone
App: Garage Band
Mike: Shure Beta 57A
Amp: AER Compact 60a

An intro to Rumba on the cajon

 Hello Fellow cajon lovers!

With Fernando’s Kitchen, my band, I play the rumba about 80% of the time!! It is an essential rhythm to learn on the cajon, and the world of rumba is vast and big!! The rumba is probably one of the oldest rhythms to be used on the cajon, and goes hand in hand with the development of the cajon. This is only the foundation to get you started but there is so many things one can do with the rumba, it’s really amazing!

First basic rumba groove on cajon – Free video lesson

Hope you like this lesson, feel free to leave some comments below, more about the rumba coming soon!

About Cajon Box

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A personal note from the Author…

“I have long dreamed of starting up a page dedicated to cajon and percussion, a page where you can learn to play the cajon and percussion with free cajon tuition courses, and where you can find great, innovative percussions and cajons from independant makers who take every care to diligently craft and deliver an instrument of outstanding  quality.  A blog page and a community page is soon to follow, so there is so much more coming! In the meanwhile, enjoy some video lessons, arranged in order, or check out some of the newest and hippest cajons and percussions around!

Thanks for visiting my site and I sincerely hope that you improve super fast in your cajon and percussion studies!! Don’t forget to comment or leave some feedback, this helps me to continually improve and stay encouraged!! Many thanks for all your support and love, It has helped get me to where I am today!

Cajon love to you all!

Heidi Joubert