7 Basic Funk / Hip hop grooves

Here I share my latest video, a short lesson just runniong thru 7 basic funk / Hip Hop groove patterns to get you warmed up for the new year!! More lessons on Funk / hip hop grooves to follow very soon!!! Sign up to my newsletter to stay updated on this!

What do you think of these patterns?
Do you want to learn more Funk gorooves?
Tell us what you think below! We want to hear from you!

4 Replies to “7 Basic Funk / Hip hop grooves”

  1. Gary Gray

    Hello Heidi,
    Thanks for doing a great job with the instructional videos. I would like to buy your DVD when it is ready.

  2. Dary Canevaro

    te agradezco por los vídeos que subes a la pagina yo no soy profesional ni nada de eso tampoco tengo un cajón ya que no cuento con los recursos para adquirirlo pero para cuando lo tenga sera muy bueno por que sin el practico.


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