Heidi to be international demo artist and face for Rolands new Hybrid Cajon range, Elcajon.

I have had the honour to be asked to be the face and international artist for the worlds first hybrid cajon range by Roland. Roland launched their new range with the Elcajon EC10 which is an acoustic cajon with built in triggers to allow for electronic layered sounds on the cajon. The EC10 is launched in Jan 2016 at the NAMM music show in California where Heidi will be presenting it onstage.
Check out the promo video here, which was directed and written by Heidi herself:


Heidi's Demo EC10 by Roland wins Best show award @ Namm 2016

My launch demo of the EC10 cajon by Roland at NAMM 2016 was so successful that it won the NAMM award for best show 2016!
What an honour to be part of the Roland family and to be the first to demo and introduce the world to the first worldwide Electronic cajon!

Jam with unique cajon/perc busker in Copenhagen

Meet Victor and his unique cajon percussion Kit. This guy is mad as a hatter and extremely creative in his music and his own customised kit. His show is great and he plays many different percussions solo, yet it seems like there is a whole band playing!
Victor y Heidi
I met himon our tour in Denmark and I had the honour of filming and interviewing him and jamming with him one evening, what a creative artist and a genuinely nice guy!
I am editing the footage and will post up a video of him playing live plus an interview soon. He is really inspiring to watch and has definitely opened my eyes to adding even more to my cajon kit!
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Cajon & Hangdrum

Cajon and Hangdrum
Doing some Funk / Hip-hop / Shuffle / Pop/ Grooves

Here we met up for the first time to just jam, we filmed a bit to show you what we did! Hope you like it! There’s some Darbuka, Bodran and cymbals as well! The vid features the Toro Cruz Cajon (guitar string) and shows off its impressive sound range!

Many thanks to Gerard Spencer for doing this video with me! Apart from playing his hangdrum and busking around Europe, Gérard also has his own social enterprise (EUROPEDUCATION) that promotes affordable undergraduate education taught in eglish throughout Continental Europe, check out what he does on www.europeducation.org.uk

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The Cajon – The ideal accoustic outdoor drum for jams and busking

The cajon is probably one of the most useful, easiest drums for any scenario these days, but especially outdoor accoustic jams, be it on the beach after surfing, at a garden party with friends, when out camping, etc. One very useful scenario  for the cajon (and one that I am very familiar with)  is also busking or street performing. If your cajon is of a decent quality, it is definitely loud enough to play accoustically even with other instruments miked up at a rather high volume, and it sounds great! And the fact that the cajon isn’t entirely commercialised yet just adds weight to the already-amazed reaction that ppl has towards this simple box and its ragingly powerful sound! It is alo a very easy instrument to carry, isn’t very fragile so you can take it outside and be a bit rough, plus, it would mean you also always have a chair with you :-).
Here’s a video of Heidi Joubert busking with 2 other cajon players (3 cajones) and 2 guitarists in central London this week. Note that the 2 guitars are amplified to a rather high volume, but none of the cajones are miked up. If you are having dificulty with getting enough volume playing accoustically, if there is a wall or solid panel around, simply position yourself in a position that faces the sound hole of your cajon towards the wall,  that will amplify your sound as it will bounce off of the wall and be projected forward. (Thats why I love the sound hole in the back of my cajon for busking, it would really suck to perform looking at your audience from the side unless this is something you would want of course)