Cajon & Hangdrum

Cajon and Hangdrum
Doing some Funk / Hip-hop / Shuffle / Pop/ Grooves

Here we met up for the first time to just jam, we filmed a bit to show you what we did! Hope you like it! There’s some Darbuka, Bodran and cymbals as well! The vid features the Toro Cruz Cajon (guitar string) and shows off its impressive sound range!

Many thanks to Gerard Spencer for doing this video with me! Apart from playing his hangdrum and busking around Europe, Gérard also has his own social enterprise (EUROPEDUCATION) that promotes affordable undergraduate education taught in eglish throughout Continental Europe, check out what he does on

We want to hear from you!!
What do you think of this combination of percussions?

10 Replies to “Cajon & Hangdrum”

  1. Marty

    Really enjoyed it! What a great sound. The hang drum, has a hypnotic sound that just grabs you. The two of you jamming sounded so wonderful. And the three of you laying down that fantastic driving beat, was very cool. That Prk sounds amazing! Thank you so much for your time you put into your web page. I know your very busy, yet you take time to teach and share with us. It is greatly appreciated from across the pond, in Tennessee, USA

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hey Marty! Glad you enjoyed it so much! The hang and cajon is a great combo. The cajon featured in this video is not a prk cajon, it’s a cruz cajon, yes they sound fab!! 🙂 Hope to catch you on that side of the world soooon! 🙂

  2. Dan

    Wow….that is just amazing!!! Heidi, you’re always just an outstanding foundation for whichever group of people you play with. The sound of this is so new age…hope that doesn’t sound too cliche-ish, but it’s so very soothing to listen to. When you make it to the states, I’m going to be hard-pressed to not bug you for a jam session!!! This is top-shelf!!!

  3. Ahmed Ishan (ansi)

    hola heidi.. I have started playing cajon and you have inspired me a lot. Your tips and vidoes are of great help, I have been playing the cajon for 2 months, and my band and I played at one of the resorts in the Maldives yesterday, and was well received. If I saw the combination of those instruments I would have definitely tried them. Good choice and the new instruments I am seeing for the first time, is amazing. Would like to try them sometime. Keep it up. cheers

  4. Pierre Mainville

    In one word or maybe a little more….it is just great , both sound go so well together, i do want more of that combination.

  5. Steen Pallesen

    In a drumstore I’ve seen the “hangdrum” named “happydrum” and your jamsession seemed like a happy time. I like the sound the instruments together. Great 🙂

  6. Adrian

    Hey, greetings from your neighbours here in Ireland :p
    As a djembe player I was always humming and hawwing about getting a cajon but after watching this video, I was sold. I figured that if I could play the djembe, the cajon would be no problem. Any problems I’ve had though, I just came straight to this site, you’ve been an amazing help with your videos.


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