Heidi going to NAMM Festival 2016 to Demo for a new product by Roland

I’m going to LA in two weeks with this sexy baby for the NAMM SHOW with Roland!
I cannot contain my excitement! Just got my plane tickets!
I can’t reveal too much about this beauty but it’s freaking awesome, I’ve been spending quite a lot of quality time with her over the past few weeks in studio, filming and playing it….
I’m in love!
All I can say is that it’s something you’ve NEVER seen before!!!
Heeeehaw, America here I come!
So….Who’s going to the NAMM, and who’s cooking me a true Californian dinner while i’m there?!!!!!!!

Cajon Solo – Daddi Bahmani

Here we have the incredible Daddi Bahmani playing a solo on the Cajon in the style of Electro/House music.
Daddi and I met at the Musikmesse Festival in 2013 and had a jam together – what a guy! A fantastic musician!
We’re working on recording a video together on my channel in the future 🙂
What other styles of music have you heard on the Cajon?

Cajudoo exhibited at the Cajon festival in Germany 2 – 3 Nov 2012

Cajudoo exhibited at the Cajon festival in Germany  2 – 3 Nov 2012

If you are in the Mönchengladbach area, be sure to check this out. The festival will take place at the Europaschule Schwalmtal. Set to consist of workshops, stalls and exhibitions, packed with cajons and innovative crazy drums, it surely sounds like fun!
Hands on drums (one of our partners and the creators and makers of Cajudoo) will feature a beautiful stall with the cajudoo range displayed in the exhibition hall, be sure to go and try out these new innovative drums, and say hello to the guys! They’re super nice, down to earth ppl!

NEW cajudoo drum!

Dear fellow percussionists/cajon players!!

As an opening to my blog page, I have decided to add a vid of the latest, innovative (and VERY creative) hybrid Drum, Cajudoo, hand crafted by Hands on Drums in Germany!

Let’s discuss what you think of these sweet instruments?! Seeing that they are BRAND SPANKING NEW, I would have to pioneer my way to how to play it and what sounds it can make (which are a bit way too many haha) so any ideas or suggestions are SUPER welcome!