NEW cajudoo drum!

Dear fellow percussionists/cajon players!!

As an opening to my blog page, I have decided to add a vid of the latest, innovative (and VERY creative) hybrid Drum, Cajudoo, hand crafted by Hands on Drums in Germany!

Let’s discuss what you think of these sweet instruments?! Seeing that they are BRAND SPANKING NEW, I would have to pioneer my way to how to play it and what sounds it can make (which are a bit way too many haha) so any ideas or suggestions are SUPER welcome!

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    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hola Federico! Si Envio a Uruguya verdad (see international postage, it applies to Urugauy/Sud America as well) they are really amazing instruments!

  1. Walter

    I love the Cajon! I find it perfect for accompanying the guitar, and it is fun to play! Jamming, live gigs, and recording – it is great for all situations. Wish I could play the Cajon and guitar at the same time!

  2. Walter

    The sounds from those are nice!
    Are they connected to a microphone? Maybe install wireless pickups for larger live gigs.
    Also – straps like one may use with a guitar could be cool.

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hey Walter!!
      Yes, they can come with a clip in shure Beta mike, or just the actually slip (which is a screw in) for the mike, this option is availabel for those who wish to make use of it. As per straps, it is well in the pipeline, and so are carry cases! 🙂

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hello Keith! Thanks for th nice comment! It took a while and most of the pics was taken by myself, it really is fun though, I love it! Personally, my favourite one is the abayomi just because it is really awesome value for it’s price!

  3. Selkan

    Hey Heidi!
    I received the cajon that I ordered from you the other day, and it is SUPER!
    The sound and build of the cajon is simply amazing 🙂
    I want to thank you for your great service and your generosity for providing online tutorials on how to play the cajon.
    Just wondered, is there any special method on ‘tuning’ the strings in the cajon, or you just go by ear and what you think sounds nice?

  4. Les

    Hallo Heidi. I was recently given a Cajon as a gift and have found your online videos very helpful in learning to play – thank you for your generosity in providing them and for sharing your talent! I hope soon to be busking with a friend who plays guitar, and would like to add a small cymbal like the one you are using on the video in Liverpool station. Does this have a particular name, and is it something that regular music shops stock? Or can you suggest an online supplier? Finally do you have any plans to perform in South Wales where I live (or somewhere near)? I would love to hear Fernandos Kitchen live. Cheers Les.

      • Heidi Joubert Post author

        Hey Les!!!
        I have been on the verge of answering your question when I realised my small busking cymbal had been stolen whilst out busking in cambridge with the trio, and I am not completely sure of it’s model and number and size (I am really not so into cymbals yet, but I seemed to have been blessed with a good eye for one), I will soon be getting a new one from the usual shop, I will let you know!! It is a small cymbal, very cheap and hand made, Stagg. For the first one I got I paid £15 and the last one I got was £25, but you have to go and try them and pick your one, because many of them just sound dead…. Hope this helps! Oh and they do break after a year of playing and heavy smacking (like I do) with the hands. Also get yourself a STRONG cymbal stand, you will never regret it!!! I went through loads of crappy cymbal stands that just broke completely… and thats only with hand playing, never minds sticks!! I use a pearl stand, get a good one for about £60 – £80 and you will have a stand for life! 🙂
        Hope this helps you buddy!

  5. Jaap

    Hi Heidi,
    I just bought my first cajon and found your lessons very helpful and inspiring. Hope you’ll post some more over times! Thanks a lot so far!

  6. Martin Bouissa

    Hi Heidi. You’re truly talented. I´m from Uruguay and been taking cajón peruano lessons since june 2011 with Martin Ibarburu (one of the greatest percussionists of my country). Your teaching technique is cristal clear and really helpful. If ypu are interested let me share this link: You can watch a brief Ibarburu solo and check out some specifications of the peruano cajon.

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hey Martin!
      Thanks for the msg! I checked out the link, the music is really beautiful on the site… and I like the instruments! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

    • Les

      Hi Martin
      Thanks for the link – truly great playing and very inspiring for a newcomer like me. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. ERIC

    J’ai découvert le cajon il y 3 mois lors d’une soirée chez des amies. (je suis batteur).
    Donc je me suis intéressais au ajon .
    Je suis allée à woodbraas pour essayer des cajons.
    J’ai choisi un lp elite car le son ressemble à une batterie.
    Ensuite j’ai cherché des cours de cajon sur internet.
    Et la j’ai découvert le site de fernando’s kitchen puis le site cajon box enfin les cour de cajon. HEIDI JOUBERT
    Et bien entendu j’ai été dessus de mon achat car je trouve le cajon prk et exeptionnel.
    Mais j’attends que mes finances remonte pour acheter un cajon PRK SIGNATURE HEIDI JOUBERT.
    Ca c’est une bonne nouvelle.
    J’ai la semaine dernière joué chez des amies et la on à insonorisé mon cajon. Ouahouououou !!!
    C’été génial !!!!!
    Donc j’ai une question quel matériel me faut il ? (micro+ampli) pour insonoriser mon cajon
    Pour terminer merci pour les cours de cajon gratuit et d’avoir crée le site cajonbox.
    Je te soutien pour tout ce que tu fais pour le cajon.

  8. Ganga

    My PRK Castigador cajon just arrived from New York. Do
    they usually come with the wires taped inside already ?
    It looks like it was made in 2010 and is number 496.
    Definitely has a brighter bass sound than the Meinl.
    Now time for more practice. Thank you for all your
    videos they are very informative and helpful.

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hey Ganga!
      Yes all the prk cajons are tried by the makers and then they tape down certain parts to get the bext sound according to them. It is highly likely that your cajon was made in 20120 if you bought it from a store and not from Thats what they do, they store them. But old or new, these cajones are wonderful! Have fun!

  9. Gary

    Hello Heidi,
    would you please tell me what kind and size of cymbal you play with your Cajon.
    I love your work.
    Thanks, Gary

  10. liman

    This instrument is amazing .. really new. I closed my eyes and feel the incredible sensation of the sound of this beautiful instrument. cajudoo

  11. Marty

    Hello Heidi: I’m new to the Cajon, and have been watching your video lessons. You are a very good instructor. Thank You for sharing your time and talent. I appreciate it, very much. I hope to trade up to a PRK some day. I also enjoy the video’s of you Folks, busking. So Cool. I live near Nashville, Tennessee USA Music City. Maybe Fernando’s Kitchen, will play Nashville sometime. The Web site is Great! Catching any of the Olympic games? Or busking for the crowds? Thanks Again, Best Regards: Marty

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Yes Marty, we have played the Official Mall of the olympics, the weekend before the olympics, to celebrate the torch arrival and the olympics, and yes, loads and loads of busking to the crowds! 🙂 Thanks for the nice comment! Keep practising, I hope you improve super fast!

  12. COSTA Olivier

    Hi Heidi,
    I would like to get a very good cajon ( for France) , could you please tell if there are differences between each model ..rabioso…castigador…invencible…mescalero..veneroor if it is just the design that change on each model ?
    Do you have a list of the prices that you could send me ?
    I heard about your new cruz cajon, I suppose they will sound better ?
    Best regards

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hello Oliver
      There is no difference in the PRK cajon selection, it’s simply cosmetic. They are really wonderful drums.
      See prices and more info on these link:
      A demo vid of my cruz cajon will be done within the next week do keep an eye out. They are handmade by Prk percussions, with fine quality wood. Pre orders will be taken from laer this week.
      More info on that soon!!! Keep cajon rocking!

  13. Kim

    I am from US and am interested in buying one of your Cruz Cajons. They say out of stock. What are the primary differences between Cruz and PRK name brand?

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hello Kim! I got your msg on FB, did you get my reply? Thanks for your enquiry. At the moment I am unsure about my stock as we are making major improvement changes to my cruz cajon brand as well as expanding the range, and this coupled with the fact that we have been experiencing such a huge amount of orders and demand, it might yet be a little while… however, I must say that it will be well worth the wait, seeing that the cruz cajon will be better than ever before when we stock up again! :-)) Sign up to our newsletter to stay updated!


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