Cajonbox/Heidi at the Musikmesse, Frankfurt

This Year Heidi visited the Musikmesse for the first time and she has some amazing stories to tell! She met and played with some of the best players in the world such as Hakim Ludin, Jorge Palomo and Claudio Spieler. She also tried all the cajon brands on the market and met with all the big manufacturers and owners of companies of all kind of percussions etc.
Next year we will be visiting the Musikmesse to display our amazing Cruz Cajon at the Cruz Cajon booth. We will be taking our entire team, as well as my band (Fernando’s Kitchen) and some of my cajon school students to join in the fun and do demonstrations on our amazing range. We are seriously looking forward to all the doors these opportunities will open for us all over the world.
Hakim ludin, Heidi, Jaime
Claudio, Heidi schlagwerk, Heidi valter, ben Jaime, Valter, Ben, leiva Heidi, Jaime Heidi, Ben Ben, jaime Susanna, Heidi cajon class Jan - March 2014

Next year we will be visiting the Musikmesse to display our amazing Cruz Cajon at the Cruz Cajon booth. We will be taking our entire team, as well as my band (fernando’s Kitchen) and some of my cajon school students to join in the fun and do demonstrations on our amazing range. We are seriously looking forward to all the doors these opportunities will open for us all over the world.

NEW London Cajon Classes – New course 25 March – 27 May 2014

Class Dates:
Every Tues From 25th March – 27th May 2014
Class times:
Level 2:  Tues 7pm – 8:30pm
Course duration:
10 weeks, 15 hours, 1.5 hour each week.
Level 1:  6pm – 7pm
Course duration:
10 weeks, 10 hours, 1 hour each week
The Cafe
Oxford House,
Derbyshire Street,
Bethnal Green,
London E2 6HG
* Some classes are to be followed by a Cajon Jam, venue and times/dates to be confirmed
* timings and venue are subject to change slightly.
** Courses can be subject to be cancelled, courses will only run if there is a minimum amount of students enrolled to each course.
Drop in fees:
£16 per class
*Please note that drop in students do not receive the weekly video lessons covering what we do in class, drop ins are subject to space availability.
To take full advantage of the lessons we strongly suggest you enrol to the entire course and attend as many lessons as possible.
This also helps the whole group learn and improve faster. Only enrolled students get 10% discount off any Cruz Cajon purchased.
Enrolment fees:
£12.50 per class (£125 per course)
Cajon hire: £3 per class (hire a cajon for the entire duration for £20)
Bring a new friend along to enrol and get 15% off enrolment
cajon class Jan - March 2014
Course descriptions:
Level 1 – A complete course covering all you need to know to get started on the cajon. This intensive course combines essential and fundamental technique, excersices and various different rhythms and grooves ranging from pop, rock, funk, blues to latin and flamenco rhythms. The course also introduces ensemble work and 1 practical class on how to apply the grooves and techniques we learnt in a live music situation with live musicians.
Level 2 – Now that you have learnt all the fundamentals of the cajon, we will be focussing on performance, improvisation and creating music, putting what we have already learnt into practise. We will be working with other musicians, seeing how to apply the rhythms into practise in a band situation and we will specifically be focussing on a cajon and percussion ensemble piece we will perform together as a group at the end of the course.
WRITE TO OUR London Cajon School team at

Fernando's Kitchen opening for Marinah (Ojos de Brujo) 11 April 2014

‘A unique fusion of Flamenco, North African and Latin sounds inspired by the vibrant streets of London.’


Fernando’s Kitchen supporting Marinah (Ojos de Brujo) in London 11 April 2014

We are so excited and honoured to have been asked to support Marinah from Ojos de Brujo as part of the La linea Festival, the biggest Latin music festival in the UK, we can barely contain it!!

Ojos de Brujo has been a short topping group from Spain and has played a major role in the development of Spanish rumba latin fusion music. Catch us with the full FK  band onstage (6 piece) opening the stage at our favourite venue in London, the Richmix in Bethnal green, London.

Tickets and more info:

Cajon & my band in South Africa

I went on a little holiday to South Africa in December (yes, I was born and raised in that beautiful land). Although it was initially just a little holiday to catch some sun and see some family over Christmas, turns out that we ended up performing some of our music on cajon, guitar and bass on our first night in South Africa in a lovely music venue called Surf Cafe close to the beach in Plett, situated along the beautiful and renowned garden route in South Africa.11162819696_ff1cf38e48_osmaller


After a very sunny day on the beach, we popped in on the first night to see some live music, only to find that it was an open mike night. We wasted no time in grabbing our instruments and getting on stage, and after our first song, the night had turned into a full on Fernando’s Kitchen gig! The crowd was ecstatic, and we were highly surprised at their response to our music.


They seemed to get even more ecstatic when they found out that I was originally from South Africa, and Pretoria no less, they could not believe I could play such exotic music and most of them had never even heard of the cajon.


By the end of the night everyone knew well what a cajon was, and within 2 days, the entire city and 3 surrounding cities had heard about us, our music, our story and the cajon! We

were invited back to play in the venue  by the owner of the cafe (yes it was the only live music venue in the area) and we performed another 3 nights in the venue, just having fun and at times jamming with local musicians. It was so much fun! We made many new friends.

Meanwhile, in the backpackers lodge where we were staying (robberg backpackers), even the children were fascinated


 with the cajon and would not get off!!! 🙂


I really loved to see the reaction of the South Africans especially because I had thought they might not enjoy my music or my drum, especially due to the Afrikaans culture. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that they loved it as much if not more than our fans here in the UK and in Europe!


The trip itself was more than just a great holiday, somehow (without knowing) we were in the country right as Mandela’s funeral ceremonies were going on all around the country, we were only a few hours drive from his hometown. Mandela has always inspired me and meant so so much to me, so it was a very very special thing to be back in the country right at that moment, that way I could join in with the celebrations of the nation (the Zulu’s celebrate funerals like a big party with dances and music)! I even ended up spontaneously writing a song dedicated to Mandela during one of the jam sessions we did in the Surf Cafe.

I am planning to return to South Africa this year to meet up with some stores and companies and discuss the distribution of my Cruz cajon range around the country. I am hoping to set up a tour for Fernando’s Kitchen as well so we can go and play in a few more venues in this amazing country!

Happy new year!

Dear friends! We have (almost) made it to 2014!!! So many friends dear to my heart have gone to sleep this December…Tata Madiba, Prophet Kobus Van Rensburg, Davide Lufrano Chaves. They have had a huge influence on my life, the development of my cajon and the cajon business, this very website, all my free lessons and my music and we get to continue the good work which they had begun, so that what they stood for shall not be in vain! I thank GOD for life and for the very breath in our lungs, for new mercies every morning and for loving us just as we are. Jesus is my Everything.
My motto for 2014 is…
‘NEVER LOSE YOUR SONG’ – Prophet Kobus Van Rensburg
Happy new yearFK

A cool blog entry about my lessons by a bassist

A very interesting blog entry about my cajon lessons on a bassists blog page, always great to hear about how other musicians improve their skills by learning to play cajon!
“I bought it because I wanted a way to jam from a drummer’s point of view to see how a drummer felt working off a bassist. If you play bass guitar this is a very important strategy to becoming a better bassist.”

NEW video Lesson – Pop Rock Funk Hip Hop on Cajon lesson 2

I am so happy to be making video lessons again, after an extremely busy summer touring with my band Fernando’s Kitchen.
Here is a follow up lesson of my Funk Pop Rock cajon lesson, featuring two new and very useful grooves. I hope you enjoy it!
Many more lessons to follow within the next 2 months, keep an eye out!

Today we celebrate! Over 2000 People subscribed to our cajonbox newsletter

Excellent stuff! I now have over 2000 subscribees to my newsletter! this is great! thanks to each and every one of you for your love and for believing in me, it would seriously not have been possible without you and your love for the cajon!
There is a lot of exciting things happening in the new year with our newsletter, such as our free cajon giveaway in Jan, and our new endorsers program in Feb and loads of lessons and videos so stay tuned and invite your friends to subscribe!
Lots of love

FREE Cajon workshop in Cambridge Millers music centre Fri 6 Dec

To kick off the new distribution of my Cruz canons in Millers music store (yes this is the first physical store to stock my amazing Cruz Cajon range and I am so happy about it),
I am giving a free beginners/introduction workshop to the cajon on Fri evening 6 Dec from 6pm – 7pm in the Millers music centre in central Cambridge!
Everyone welcome, all ages and all levels, no need for a cajon as we have some available that you can use (limited so make sure you register so there is a cajon available for you)
My new Cruz cajon range will also be on display should any of you wish to try them out! 🙂
Find out all the info and how to register here on the Workshop event page: