Heidi onstage with Stevie Wonder @ Namm 2016

During one of Heid’s Live demo’s of the EC10 (electronically layered cajon by Roland), Stevie Wonder came to see her Demo.
He enjoyed her performance and the EC10 so much he got onstage and tried out the EC10 while Heidi stood by his side clapping along and guiding him through how to operate this new Electronic Cajon.
This was a moment in History for Heidi and she even shared a few laughs and jokes with Stevie!

3 Replies to “Heidi onstage with Stevie Wonder @ Namm 2016”

  1. Larry LenardLarry

    I wish I’d been paying attention. I could have visited you at NAMM. I am a woodwind player and have friends in the industry. You are teaching me how to play the cajon that my daughter’s got me for Father’s day. thanks for being generous with your time

  2. Tony

    What name amazing experience! I love what you do and I am real keen to learn on my new to me Pearl Cajon! I love the instrument maybe I will start collecting them! Yours look great too!


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