Cajon players network and jam at Musikmesse in Frankfurt

This will be my second year I attend the renowned Musikmesse in Frankfurt.
Last year was such and inspiring trip, meeting some incredible cajon players, taking part in jams and workshops, trying out the latest innovative percussions and cajon accessories and playing late night pool of course 🙂
I also got to meet all the owners of the big cajon companies and it’s just a great networking event filled with music and fun!
The cajon is rapidly expanding, there is so many new things on the market and I will be posting up some reviews and videos with demo’s of some of the great new cajon gear and accessories.
Why not join the fun next year? Its a great way to learn and network with other people passionate about cajon.
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Here is the website for more info:

One Reply to “Cajon players network and jam at Musikmesse in Frankfurt”

  1. Luis Vieira

    Ola Heidi
    Espero que percebas português.
    Adoro o que fazes, e a forma que demonstras isso.
    Gostaria de saber tocar cajon porque gosto de percussão. Pondero comprar um cajon o mais breve possível.


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