Heidi introducing the cajon with new Project – Women in unison

A few days ago I had an awesome rehearsal with some AMAZING musicians! I am honoured to be part of a new project called WOMAN IN UNISON, in conjuction with St Ethtelburgas ( community based centre). It’s all about bringing together women with unique musical and cultural backgrounds to create a platform for cross cultural collaboration and musical dialogue.
We are fusing and playing music from all the corners of the earth. India, Israel, Syria, Africa, Greece, South American, Spanish, Turkey etc. resultingin a beautiful harmonious journey across the different sounds of the globe. The music is nothing less than breathtaking and extremely unique, and each of us also performs of our own compositions!

YOU DO NO WANT TO MISS THIS! Catch us live on the 24th Jan at St Ethelburga’s Centre, City of London, a 2 min walk from Liverpool Street station. There’s only 100 Seats available so make sure you book your ticket in advance to avoid disappointment!
Get your tickets now!
Here we are rehearsing:


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  1. Pat Dexter

    Hi Heidi, I would definitely buy your CD. You are a wounderful teacher. I’ve learned so much from you already.


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