NEW Video Lesson – Flamenco Bulerias cajon lesson 2

Hello Cajon freaks! I haven’t been so active on my channel the last few months but I am back!! Here I share the 2nd lesson on the bulerias series. Soon I will upload a video with a guitarist to put the rhythm into perspective! It’s a 12/8 groove and playing Bulerias is so much fun, however, the concept is very different to a western misc kinda concept, will share more on this later during our bulerias series videos! Love ya’ll!

3 Replies to “NEW Video Lesson – Flamenco Bulerias cajon lesson 2”

  1. Victor

    I,ve played percussion for over 50 years and never a flamenco rhythm. thanks to you I,m ready to go. even at minus 30C here in Canada! thanks. great demonstration.

  2. pavierjaz

    Very good your lesson. I’m not good with English, but still your hands. You’ve helped me a lot to understand the rhythm


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