Heidi teaching vocal and singing lessons again!

So! Many people know me as a cajon player and cajon teacher, but most people don’t know that I am actually also a singer, I sing and play cajon at the same time in most of my musical projects and I used to teach and train many people on voice not so long ago. Unfortunately I had to stop teaching vocals due to lack of time, but I had been contemplating starting up again, I do love to sing and I love vocal coaching and bringing the best out of someone’s voice! SO! I have finally decided to start it up again!
We start with 2 classes on Wed the 19th Nov, one at 6pm and another at 7:45pm
If you’re interested in joining our physical classes, please get in touch, send me an email to londoncajonschool@gmail.com. I would probably be posting up a few videos lessons on my youtube channel so keep an eye out for that!


About the classes:
Every week we get together and have the most fun with singing and music! During the classes we look at techniques and fun exercises that help improve our voice, in strength, flexibility, range and control.
We also look at breathing, and cover essential knowledge of how the vocal chords work. We learn new songs every week and sing a lot, we work with live musicians, we also cover harmonies and singing as a group as well as singing individually, performance skills and how to sing with your whole body mind and soul.
Sometimes we just go out together as a group to go see some amazing live music, this of course inspires and encourages, and needless to say, we have so much fun just hanging out and sharing the journey together!
It’s a complete vocal experience, we work on every part of the voice and more!
Doing this in a group is an excellent way to be encouraged and challenged to improve. I also teach you how to practise and work on your voice at home to help achieve amazing results from your voice in an extremely short period.
The result is a rapid improvement in your voice, a heck of a lot of fun and laughter, and a total confidence boost, which not only improves your voice but adds value to every other area of your life! You also make new friends who are just like you, on a journey to become a super amazing singer!
It’s hard to explain the experience in words, why not drop in for a lesson (first lesson is half price) to see for yourself!



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