I had an excellent tour with one of my projects ‘Fernando’s Kitchen’ in New York! This was my first trip to New York, and we were honoured to be asked to close the New York Latino Cultural Festival in Queen’s Theatre in August. The festival is sponsored by the Governement and the arts council of New York, we had our flights arranged, hotels and excellent pay, simply put, we had a ball!
Apart from our amazing performance at the Festival, (which we got due to my youtube channel videos – I will expand a bit on this amazing story and how it happened at a later stage) I also independently arranged 6 other gigs in New york in some amazing venues, and we were surprised to find that not only did we have a bunch of fans we didn’t know about in New York, everyone who didn’t know about us absolutely loved us!
Apart from our shows, we spent a lot of time visiting the world famous Jazz jams and venues, as well as seeing the BIG APPLE, walking over the bridges and taking photos! It was an awesome time and musically we rocked it! I can’t wait to return!
Here’s some photos of our tour. We have a lot of footage of our live shows in NEw york and I will share some on my channel at a later stage.