I have been so blessed and honoured to be part of Benni Chawes new project, and did my first very successful performance with the amazing artist in Denmark in September 2014
I had 3 days to learn 17 songs, super arranged songs with lyrics and harmonies! It was my first live experience playing Jazz/Pop/Funk/Soul music.
It was a very pleasant (and super tough) challenge, and I am happy to say I had so much fun working with Benni on his songs and replacing the drum kit with my very own unique cajon kit!
I used cymbals, Ride, Cajon bass pedal, shakers, cowbell pedal, foot shakers, sticks… oh and of course my beautiful Cruz Cajon.
Benni Chawes is an excellent and accomplished artist, having studied in Berklee USA, he is renowned for using his voice as an instrument as well as a singer. He incorporates the use of many different effect pedals on his voice, and is very well known for his ‘drum kit’ impression on voice! It has been an honour and a great experience working with him
Here is a photo of the concert. We performed as trio, with Bennie chases on piano and voice, a double bassist and myself on Cajon and vocals.
We also filmed the whole concert and I will upload a video very shortly!
We are currently planning to record a new album in Dec or early 2015, keep an eye out!!!