So this year we have started endorsing some of the greatest cajon players all over the world! We’re very excited and proud to have these musicians as part of our Cruz Cajon family!
Pavlos: Born in Greece, lives in London, UK. Performs on Bazuki, Oud, Vocals and cajon. Performs with The Turbans.
Pavlos endorser
Pete Outfox (Athens, Greece. Performs with Six for nine, plays Drum kit and cajon)
Ernesto Marichales: Born in Venezuela, lives in London, UK. Plays Congas, bongos, cajon guitar, piano etc, performs with Wara and various music projects

Lya: Born in Venezuela, Lives in London, UK, plays congas, timbales, drum kit and cajon, performs with Los Calendarios.

Do you play cajon professionally? Would you like to apply for endorsement? Simply write to our team on for an application form.