Our cajonbox school is starting up some new courses in our NEW cajonbox studios in London, E1 in the Limehouse area (566 Cable street studios).

We will start up 2 different courses, Beginners and intermediate:
(To book your space, get in touch now at
A complete introductory course to the cajon covering all you need to know to get started on the cajon. This intensive course combines essential and fundamental technique, excersices and various different rhythms and grooves ranging from pop, rock, funk, blues to latin and flamenco rhythms. The course also introduces ensemble work and putting the rhythms into context with music and how to apply the grooves and techniques we learnt in a live music situation with live musicians.
Details of course
If it is your first class with our cajon school it is £10, thereafter it’s £12 per class if you enrol to the entire course upfront.
or £16 per class on a drop in basis (subject to space availability)
The course is a 5 week course, just enough to cover a basic introduction to the cajon and get you started.
Dates: 24 June – 29 July 2014 (excluding 1 July – no class that day)
Every Tues, 1.5 hrs a week (7.5 hours in total)
Beginners: 6pm – 7:30pm
intermediate 7:30pm – 9pm
Cajon Hire: £2 per lesson (subject to availability)
To book your space and enrol, write to us NOW at
Hurry! There’s only a few spaces left!
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Please note that the classes will also be streamed live on youtube for those that want to join the class but are not able to attend physically. To join the Live stream you must be enrolled to the whole course or pay per session (£5 to join the live stream class, or £4 if you enrol to all 6 classes upfront)
Intermediate classes:

Our improvers cajon Class for those who have completed our beginners courses or for people with some previous experience on the cajon.

In this cajon class we do a lot of hands on, practical work. By this stage you should be relatively comfortable with playing some basic grooves, and have a good understanding of playing the cajon, hand placement and technique. during these classes we focus on what we have learnt, improve it and put it into context, and all the while we learn more about the cajon, more grooves, tricks, new sounds etc.
We will learn more advanced technique, rhythms and learning more about specific genre’s, how to play with other musicians, and general knowledge about the cajon and being a cajon player, as well as playing with other percussionist and cajon ensemble. We also look at add ons/extra’s for the cajon, co ordination, ensemble, improv and playing with music and other musicians.
It’s great way to keep playing, have fun making music, become a great cajon player and get together with other cajon lovers, make great new friends and have fun playing the cajon, as we explore more about the cajon and the world of music.
You can drop in and join class at any stage, these classes are constant and quite general, more about getting to play every week and learn something new, as opposed to our approach with our beginners courses, which is purposefully structured and intense to cover the most essential and fundamental basic elements of playing the cajon.
Details of the classes:
No need to have a cajon. We have cajons available for hire at £2 per class.
Fees: £16 drop in (subject to space availability) or £12.50 if you enrol to 6 or more classes upfront (the 6 or more classes can be taken any Tues for this specific class till November)
Classes start on 24th June and will run evey Tues from 7:30pm till 9pm.
Heidi can at times get really busy with shows with her band, and travelling to teach cajon, so there might be the one off week where there will be no class, but generally we aim to have class every week. This year Heidi might go to New York with her band on tour for half of Aug, and for those 2 weeks there will be no class. On 1 July there will also be no class when Heidi will be in spain visiting and meeting up with her cajon artesian and some of the best cajon players in Madrid.
Some basic previous playing experience necessary. It is ideal if you have done our beginners course. Please see our beginner courses for more info.
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