We know many of you would like to attend Heidi’s classes, but just can’t because you live far away, or your work hours doesn’t allow it, or you just don’t have the time, or you simply cannot get enough of her youtube lessons!
Well, with this DVD you’ll be able learn how to play the Cajon with Heidi’s expert instructions and advise. The DVD is specially presented in a course format that has all been developed, tried and tested by Heidi Joubert herself (and in her cajon classes) over the past 7 years

The DVD itself will cover all the basics you need to be a great cajon player. It will cover essential technique, drum rudiments and ex, as well as over 20 different groove patterns covering a wide range of genre’s. This is the perfect foundation for anyone who wants to learn to play the cajon like a pro!

Apart from all the lessons, the DVD Features over 2 hours of practise along clips so you can practise everyday with Heidi as she takes you through the DVD step by stepl!
The DVD will also be available in the apple APP store!!!
We are filming the DVD this month and we hope to have it released in July!
More info soon!