Heidi's Youtube channel just hit the 20 000 Subscribers mark!

10259135_10153005596185931_1103824506219650168_o-2I just passed the 20 000 mark of people subscribed to my youtube channel!! Thats CRAZY!!!!!
A few yrs ago I just casually added a vid up on youtube, didn’t think much of it and certainly didn’t for a moment think that I’d get so many (if ANY) people interested in what I have to share! Today I am honoured to know that people actually enjoy and learn from what I have to share! Thanks to everyone who believes in me, it means so so much!
If you HAVENT yet subscribed to my channel, today is the day!! You’d be greatly encouraging me and helping to take the cajon forward and give it the exposure it deserves! DO IT NOW!
Just follow the link and click subscribe! Whala!
Heidi’s Band – Fernando’s Kitchen – live Photo by David Delgado

One Reply to “Heidi's Youtube channel just hit the 20 000 Subscribers mark!”

  1. Gregory DeBorde

    Hello, Heidi I just got my first Cajon and Ive been following your tutorials and Thankyou for your hard and awesome instructions keep up the brilliant playing… Respectfully Gregory DeBorde from Indianapolis Indiana….


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