NEW Toddlers & Kids Cruz Cajon Models!

It is with great excitement that I announce the addition of our awesome Toddlers and Kids cruz cajons!
These are available from our webshop and we post them out worldwide.
They are very strong, sound amazing and look great!
This is the perfect toy to keep any kid busy for hours playing music and making grooves.
Check them out here

2 Replies to “NEW Toddlers & Kids Cruz Cajon Models!”

  1. omar khan franco

    i always wtching your video in youtube, i realy like to play cajon and learn. i trying make a cajon to learn.

  2. Charlotte

    Hi, I just discovered you on youtube, I love all you do!! Totally “transportée” by your music (I’m French, not sure if this was understandable)
    I’d like to buy the toddler cajon box for my baby and my husband, but they are out of stock. When will these be available again?


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