Just finished the first introductory course to the cajon to a bunch of very happy students and I am glad to say that we will be starting up our beginners 2.
You do not need previous experience on the cajon to join the class but you would need to catch up on some of the ex and grooves we have learnt in the first few lessons. But with video lessons this is easy to do! So don’t be put off on joining our next 10 week beginners cajon course!!! It’s so so much fun!
Check out more details here:
London cajon school

We’ll be learning many exciting rhythms, grooves and also putting our playing into cotext with other instruments as well as doing ensemble and imrpov. Other exciting news is that we are also set to start up a weekly cajon & percussion jam in a great venue, everyone welcome, even if you play guitar or sing, come and jam with cajon players or simplycome and hang out in a great environment, who knows, maybe you find the cajon playerforyour band! More on this in april!