Our NEW Cambridge cajon school started up today!

Excellent news! It seemed like we were going to cancel the Cambridge cajon courses, but we had so many last minute enrolees, and we are so so so proud (and I am personally extremely happy) that it did indeed work out! I now have an amazing class full of bright, super talented, very very nice people, I can only thank God for blessing me with such a great bunch to teach, and after taking them through today’s class, I am positive that this group is going to progress faster than any group before!! 🙂

Our first Cambridge cajon class on 23 Jan 2013…. what a jolly bunch! 🙂

Well that definitely should be the case as we have been bombarding Cambridge (the streets and the venues) with our cajon infused music with my band Fernando’s Kitchen. Cambridge has been practically home for us for the last 3 years, and even though we are London based, we have performaned in Cambridge more than in London in the past 3 yrs!
All I can say is that this is a very special to me, to start up our Cambridge cajon school, because there is something very personal for me about Cambridge, a place where I often get to talk to loads of the locals when we’re out busking in Cambridge, and after 3 yrs, you get to know many of them and love them as dear friends! I have come to love this city and the people of this city with a special love, and I am honoured that Cambridge itself have welcomed us and enjoyed our music! What a priveledge to be able to first busk and now teach and introduce the cajon to one of the most beautiful and peaceful cities in the UK! 🙂
Many thanks to Millers Music store for helping us out last minute with some cajons for the class!
Find out more about our international & online cajon school
Does your city deperately need some cajon love? Write to us, we are planning a workshop tour/busking tour this summer in the EU and we could consider passing thru your city to do a class and some performances!

5 Replies to “Our NEW Cambridge cajon school started up today!”

  1. Clive

    So many people in the group only just managed to squeeze in the picture! Fortunately looks like you captured my best side 🙂 Great bunch. Great teacher. Looking forward to next lesson. Bring it on!

  2. Bruce

    Please add Bristol (Bradley Stoke to be more specific) to your “summer tour” I work part time at a secondary school and I am sure a workshop (and maybe a gig) would go down very well.

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hey Bruce
      Sounds great!!! Feel free to mention my cajon workshops to the person in charge of these things at the school, I would enjoy it!

  3. Christine

    I would like to join your Cambridge Cajon class in Cambridge, could you give me more info about it? where and when it is? can I joined even if I never played as a complete beginner? if yes when could i join?
    Many Thanks and regards.

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hey christine!
      check out our cambridge cajon school page under the cajon school tab, all the details are listed there!


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