One of the first ex you should learn…

So this week we go back to the basics and here I share the first lesson I would reccomend any beginner to watch. It contains a very important ex which I still use for warming up daily.

It trains your hands to move comfortably over the 2 basic sounds of the cajon (bass and nsare) and features 5 different patterns. Memorize it and then spend at least 5 min everyday doing this ex,gradually pushing up the speed as you progress.

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  1. Charles Newman

    I’m not really sure where to post this question so I’m trying here. I’ve been playing drums for 20+ years and recently got a Cajon. What would you recommend for myfirst cymbal? I love your site, I subscribed to your YouTube channel and newsletter and will be donating here soon, most would (and do) charge for something so comprehensive . I also play guitar and I am on a similar site teaching guitar which I HAVE to pay. Your awesome, thank you so much

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hello Chalres!
      Very good question, and at an appropriate time, I have just finished filming a new video where I talk about my cumbals and demonstrate their sounds, and give you some reccommended ideas for your first cymbal, be sure yto be signed up to my newsletter (which I elieve you are) and subscribed to my channel, I am in the editing phase and this video should be posted up within the next few days!! 🙂

  2. Charles Newman

    Sweet, can’t wait. Coming from a drumming background not having a cymbal at the moment kinda messes with me while playing Cajon, very new to the cajon but put on some acoustic music I had and was able to keep along but I sounded very repetitive, (Blurry puddle of Mudd acoustic is extremely fun!), and when I hit the snare should always be with two hands?


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