NEW Our own cajon bags to be added to our store

Hey Everyone!!!
Today I received the first sample of our very own Cajon bag, and I am so excited! We have been planning on adding our own cajon bag range to our store and It is highly likely that we will be stocking these in our cajonbox store early 2013!
These bags are extremely strong with a double zip and 3 straps for easy carrying. You can carry them slung over one shoulder, or over both shoulders like a backpack. They are padded with a special thick rubber foam to protect your cajon from any damage as you travel with it and it is also waterproof, suitable for any regular sized cajon (30x30x50cm). a Super cool logo will also be added to the bag, and we are getting different colours (the one featured in the picture is simply our first sample)

There is many more exciting plans for cajonbox in 2013, so keep an eye out and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on the news!

8 Replies to “NEW Our own cajon bags to be added to our store”

  1. Luckyous

    I have just bought a cajon (Ritmo Flamenco one) and I´m sure I´m going to learn all that I need thanks to your lessons. I don´t have any idea.
    I really appreciate your videos!!!

  2. Ansi

    Hey Heidi, this is awesome news. Likewise, i am having so much difficulty in getting a cajon case here hehee. I am sure my Cruz Cajon will go with ur Bag. Give us the good news soon, and I would like to pre-order one immediately. Keep me informed.

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hello Ansi!!
      So good to hear from you again! Cajon bags should be available from end Feb/early March, perhaps sooner if we’re lucky! they are gonna be super!

  3. Gavin

    These bags look awesome – getting one fosho! How bout adding a stiched down strap on one of the panels so that you can carry it by hand as well? Just s thougt. Well done Heidi

  4. Papa Smurf

    I purchased a bag locally from a limited selection to have something for protection. Most bags don’t have an outside pocket for accessories like brushed, music, and pads. This bag looks like it could be designed to have a large outside pocket for accessories. Please consider adding a large outside pocket to the design.

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Thanks for the heds up, this is something very important and I had thught of it before, it is essential to have an extra bag for shakers/papers/scores/sticks etc on the cajon bag….. 🙂


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