Rumba video lesson on cajon

Here’s a basic first groove to getting started with the rumba on cajon!

The rumba has so many different patterns, grooves and feels, it has a vast range of different ways to play it. It is used most often in Latin, Cuban, African, Arabic and Flamenco (rumba catalana) styles, but the rumba pattern is al sooften used in reggeaton, dance (house etc) and popular music as well. Learning to play the rumba is important for anyone who plays cajon, it’s like learning to play alternative patterns to spice up popular music.
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One Reply to “Rumba video lesson on cajon”

  1. Walter Barkhuysen-Tacke

    Hi There Heidi,
    I’m a professional musician, i do play lots of instruments, and recently bought another (better) cajon to replace the old one i used.
    Did some “googeling” for info and online lessons..
    Found you on youtube, and hey, i’m impressed, by a few things.. your skills and the nice, usable and clear video lessons you give, and yes .. to be honoust.. your natural beauty 😉 .. (WoW!)
    Really enjoy studying now, so i’ll be lookin in on regular basis.
    Very best wishes, keep up the good work, good luck and succes with all the thing you’d like to achieve being a inspiring musician !


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