NEW video Lesson – Blues/Shuffle/R&B/Rock on Cajon

Here’s the latest video lesson on your first blues shuffle R&B groove on Cajon.

Heidi Joubert, author and founder of all -about-cajon web, gives a first complete lesson on your first Blues/Shuffle/R&B groove on the cajon. This video also has a play along song to it so you can practise along. This is one of the first video lessons to feature Heidi Joubert’s new cajon brand called cruz cajon. Checl them out on our cajonbox shop page for more details!

Cajon: Cruz Cajon (Heidi Joubert’s very own brand)
Cymbal: AAX Xplosion Sabian Crash “11 inch
Sound system: Bose Wireless Iphone Dock
Player: Iphone
App: Garage Band
Mike: Shure Beta 57A
Amp: AER Compact 60a

19 Replies to “NEW video Lesson – Blues/Shuffle/R&B/Rock on Cajon”

  1. Keith

    Very useful, Would like like to see more blues patterns and how to apply them to the cajon. Keep up the good work,,,(I knew you had a little blues in you!:)

  2. EV

    This lesson and your performance is fantastic, Heidi! Because of your inspiring talent and the wonderful lessons you offer on this site, I’ve purchased and started playing the Cajon. Thank you for giving so much of yourself. I look forward to all your future lessons and the upcoming Fernando’s Kitchen CD. You’re awesome!

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Excellent stuff David! Hope you leanr fast and well! Good luck with your training!!! And thanks for the nice comment!

  3. Sophie

    Hello Heidi could you provide a few titles of SlowRocks on which this applies just for more training and getting to find the breaks and fillings. Thank you ever so much for this lesson, it is really excellent!

  4. Michael

    Thanks for these lessons. They are easy to follow, long enough to share alot of information and are fun too. I’m enjoying practicing these rhythms and patterns. You’ve got me sounding better already.

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hi Steve!
      Of course I do, the Cruz cajon is simply unbeatable for value for money! The best cajon at the best price! And it’s my own signature line brand, I definitely recommend that one! Get them from the cajonbox shop store!

  5. nasaebru

    Hola Heidi, queria agradecer a la vida por permitirme conocer por este medio el encanto de tu ser,si bien no soy musico y lo mio es la pintura artistica creo que despues de mirar tus videos,verte tocar el cajon y de escuchar tu voz creo que me animare a aprender ,seguro que hay en la divinidad de tu alma alimento para mi inspiracion ,una vez mas gracias por compartir tanta belleza con tu musica.

    • Hasan

      Excellent info (as usual). Will try this out today as a matter of fact. I have three deenct mics for live performances: an very sensitive Shure condenser mic that I typically use for overhead, and two Shure SM-57 s instrument mics. If I am ONLY going to mic the sound hole in the back, which type of mic would you recommend? It’s interesting that you mentioned taking out the mids something I was thinking about. Thanks again Heidi.

      • Heidi Joubert Post author

        Hello Hassan!
        i would suggest a Shure beta condensor mike for the back only, but they can be pricey, so I would say to be safe, go for an sm 57 shure mike! 🙂 just push up the bass frequencies as it has good mids and high range but a bit lacking on the bass!
        Let me know how it goes!

  6. Randy

    Hi heidi,
    What kind and size of a cymbals can you recommend that will match with the cajon?
    And how many days is the shipping to australia?

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hello Randy!
      I use quite a few cymballs, especially when I perfomr onstage with my band Fernando’s Kitchen (i use 5 onstage) but my favourite one (and the one I use these days for busking) is an AAX XPlosion Sabian Cymbals, 11 Inch (also featured in the video). There are also 10 inch ones that are great! It has some sustain but is super thin so does create a great crash. They go for about £120 but it’s well worth it, there are not many cymbals you can play with your hands!
      I am unsure if you mean how long the shipping will be for the cymbals or for the cajons on our webshop. For all our cajons, the estimate delivery time is between 2 – 4 weeks for Australia (we have sent quite a few down under already, it can take a while but we send all our cajons fully insured with excellent couriers:-). If it’s for cymbals, that would differ depending where you purchase them from.
      🙂 Happy cymbal hunting!

  7. Curtis Turney

    Hello Heidi,
    First, Happy Holidays and an extraordinary year 2013 !!! Thank you so much for uploading your videos. They are very helpful. I am a trombonist and bongocero, now learning to play the cajon and other small hand percussions. I would like to know if you play Latin pop and how do you apply the cajon to this style of music. Any particular patterns you use for this style?

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hey Curtis! I do indeed play Latin pop and I have 3 nice videos covering a few basic rumba patterns which fits perfectly with Latin styles, go to my cajon channel on YouTube and find the 3 rumba lessons, these vids will get you started on this style, and there’s more visa to come in this specific rumba Latin style! Hope it helps let me know how it goes


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