An intro to Rumba on the cajon

 Hello Fellow cajon lovers!

With Fernando’s Kitchen, my band, I play the rumba about 80% of the time!! It is an essential rhythm to learn on the cajon, and the world of rumba is vast and big!! The rumba is probably one of the oldest rhythms to be used on the cajon, and goes hand in hand with the development of the cajon. This is only the foundation to get you started but there is so many things one can do with the rumba, it’s really amazing!

First basic rumba groove on cajon – Free video lesson

Hope you like this lesson, feel free to leave some comments below, more about the rumba coming soon!

6 Replies to “An intro to Rumba on the cajon”

  1. Pierre Mainville

    I started classes Cajon here in Montreal Canada, one of the best school of percussion, I discovered the Cajon and decided to make my favorite instrument.
    Except that one lesson per two weeks is far too little for me.
    I discovered your site and your lessons and I literally fall in love with Fernando kitchen, … every night I spend 30 minutes to one hour or until all the ryhtmes you teach are engraved in my body.
    Finally all that to say, thank you for the lessons, I hope to see and hear Fernando’s Kitchen in Canada or on my next trip to London.

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Hey Pierre!!
      Thanks for the comment! Good that you are practising 30min at least each day, you will improve immensely if you stay faithful to daily practise, even if it’s 15 min, just keep it constant!!!
      And than you for the very nice msg of thank you!!! 🙂 Preciate it muchisimo!
      See you soon in Canada or London!

  2. vero

    hola heidi, you re write cajon is the oldest rythme i confirm that in my family we are gitanos and in fiesta we make a sound of rumba like cajon in table in box of sugar anywhere we make this sound but whith cajon is better lol

    • Heidi Joubert Post author

      Yes you are right, the table playing is very much the beginning of cajon playing!!! 🙂 I love gitanos!!! And fiestas too!!! Invite me and I will be happy to join one day!

  3. Peter

    Hello Heidi, nice playing. I’ve played a doumbek/darbuka the last 7 years and occasionally see it in Flamenco music. The rhumba rhythm is also called malfuf in Arabic and is usually a 2/4. I’ve also heard it called a broken clave. My wife has decided to learn flamenco dancing so I’m looking to add a canon to my percussion repertoire. Excellent site. By the way! Be well.

  4. Christie

    Hi !
    I am putting together a cancer fighter fundraiser in May 2014. I am looking for someone who is willing to donate their time and knows how to play the cajon. I recruited several solo artists + a choir.
    Let me know if you are insterested?
    Thank you!!


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