Ok, so many ppl have been asking me lately about tuning the cajon strings and how it actually works. thing is, there is no set way to do it, unlike the guitar or piano, and really the main feature of the tuning of the strings tighter or looser means more or less snare effect (and perhaps a bit of changing the actualy tone, but that is more present when applying pressure to the front panel of the cajon whilst slapping it)

So it’s really simple…. Tune the strings tighter for a tighter, cleaner sound and a fast response, and loosen them for more snare sound, higher frequencies and sustain. I personally tweak them a little, then try the cajon and tweak more until I have achieved the desired sound from my cajon.

Another little trick you could so is to tape certain parts of the strings against the inside of the front panel of the cajon.

This is very useful especially if your strings have started getting a bit tired and you get a buzzing sound. Where you place the tape would obviously depend on where the problem/buzz lies, so you will once again, use your own intuition and try it out, test it, get to know your cajon and get to know what sounds you like and which sounds you don’t like.

You could also put a towel inside the cajon to reduce snare sounds/hollow sounds and buzzing. this is a good idea especially when micing up your cajon.

Got any advise on tuning strings and buzzing strings?

Please share it below with us!