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Watch some of my Youtube lessons arranged in order for the beginner right here on my website. I have loads more video lessons on youtube! I would also recommend you subscribe to my youtube channel and go check out my specially made playlists.

If you enjoy my youtube lessons, you will definitely enjoy my NEW Modern Method for cajon video lessons! Check it out here

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My Youtube beginners videos playlist

Below you will find my free cajon lessons for beginners, arranged in order as I believe you should learn the excercises. It’s a form of a cajon course. More videos and lessons to follow, even with guitarist and bassist, so keep an eye out! Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and subscribe my newsletter to stay updated on new lessons & videos!

Lesson 1.

An introduction to the cajon, the basic sounds and a first excercise for the cajon


An introduction to the origin of the cajon and your first cajon funk groove

lesson 3

Funk / R&B / Hip-Hop – Basic 4/4 groove

Lesson 4

Here’s a basic Rumba groove lesson, explained and counted. A very important groove for any latin music!

Lesson 5

Blues/shuffle/R&B groove on the cajon Plus practise along song

Lesson 6

A first co-ordination groove lesson, where you learn to play with a brush,

your foot and your hand simultaneously, and learn the samba groove

Lesson 7

Learn your first Bulerias (flamenco pattern) on the cajon,

how to count it, clap it and play it.

Lesson 8

A reminder on how important posture is and how to get the optimum sound out of your cajon.

Lesson 9

Another co – ordination groove lesson, this time we look at the bossa nova

Lesson 10

A lesson on how to mic up your cajon for live concerts and studio work.


Modern Method for Cajon

I’ve compiled all the basics to get you started on the cajon! These are some fundamental lessons to help you build a strong foundation for becoming a great cajon player. Once you’ve gone through these and you got the hang of it, I would suggest you continue your learning with the Modern Method for Cajon 🙂

I trust that you will enjoy it immensely!

Let’s get started!

Playing time: 1hr 36 mins / 24 videos

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I would love to hear from you!

What do you think of these lessons? Did you enjoy them? Do you have any questions? I would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below!


  1. gurushabd khalsa

    Thank you so much for making these videos! You inspire my sister, her daughters and myself

    • HeidiJoubert

      It’s my pleasure! Thanks for your lovely comment

  2. jessica

    I just love and Im very very thankful for your video lessons… You are the best!!!!

  3. Lokesh Sarma M K

    Hi Heidi,
    I really appreciate your way of teaching. I could easily learn a lot of grooves and I’ve started playing on my cajon with a lot of comfort and technique than just banging on it. I’d like to ask you if you could suggest a song at the end of each lesson, a song which has a similar groove as the one in the lesson, so it would become more convenient to learn the groove as well get to pick up a new song. I am a guy who cannot count very well, but I get the groove by listening to it and feeling it. So, I just thought for people like me, a song to practice on would help a lot. It would become even easier to hunt down more similar songs as well.
    Nonetheless, I cannot thank you enough for helping me out play the cajon.
    Cheers to your work.
    Thank you.

  4. Jay Bishoff

    Helpful, thank you. 🙂 Jay

  5. Joachim von Hülsen

    .Hello Heidi!
    Really good stuff. Thanks a lot! Used to play drumset (like ages ago!) and now back in the percussion saddle with the Cajon. Went to a few group classes, but that didn’t really work for me. So this a really good second start.
    If you guys ever have a gig in Berlin, let me know!

  6. Hari

    Hey Heidi! First,amazing work putting together so much learning material for us. Thank you so much! I play the drum set and i have been planning to get a cajon to play acoustic sets in smaller spaces, What should i keep in mind while buying a new cajon? I’ve never played one before. So any inputs would be nice.

  7. david thompson

    Hi Heidi
    Do you you a salsa rhythm lesson online?

  8. orane

    heidi this is my first time in cajon liked your video but can you make it little slower some beats are very difficult to catch you

  9. Ajay

    Hi Heidi,
    Thank you so much for all your efforts really appreciate a lot. It’s awesome to see your beginners video lessons. The one and only best cajon website and youtube beginners videos I’ve ever seen. Very informative, clear and easy to learn. A very big thumbs up all the way from South Africa.
    I just fell in love to learn and play cajon after seeing your videos.
    I got one cajon from Madrid Spain but your signature cajon sounds a lot different.
    Please let me know details about your cajon and will you be able to send it to south Africa.
    Lots of Regards,

    • Heidi Joubert

      Hello Ajay!
      We post out worldwide and have sent quite a few to SA already! Our courtiers are fast, safe and reliable!
      We have options for shipping internationally, just check it out on our webshop, and let me know if you have any questions!
      P.S. I am from SA!!!!! 🙂 Biltong!

  10. Marie

    Hi Heidi,
    Thank you so much for these videos! I’m a singer from France, and I’m trying to learn how to play cajon and sing at the same time. Your lessons are very helpfull! Have you got advices like about posture for singers?
    Thank you again!

    • Heidi Joubert

      Hello Marie!
      Yes very good question! I will be covering all of this on my new cajon DVD coming out soon!! Keep an eye out and subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to know when it is released!

  11. David

    My goodness, woman, you are sexy. I am very interested in learning to play the cajon. I recently built one myself. I appreciate your skill and easy-to-follow approach to instruction. But still, having a hard time concentrating… dang.

  12. Drumles in Den Haag

    Just discovered your website and tutorials. Very helpfull, thank you! Keep it up 🙂

  13. Senay Tulansoy

    Hi Heidi Joubert!
    I’m from Turkey.My English is very bad but I think this is not an obstacle. you have followers from many countries. a sweet proposal :p You can select a person from each country. to give us Courses. ‘universal percussion’ (not a problem, it’s just a dream I just had a wish.) 😀 if one day , you will make this suggestion if you. I’ll be ready Forever.
    Thanks for the videos
    Thanks to you and your team..
    Stay with music..

    • Heidi Joubert

      Great idea! I think I would look into this idea very soon! Thanks for the feedback

  14. Daniel Said

    I have watched almost all of your lessons to begin to play Cajon.
    I love your videos,
    I love Your tastes,
    I love all the graphical concepts within room-athmosphere in your clips,
    all the esthetic.
    You are a great artist.
    I love your music
    Thanks very much for all

  15. fangjun

    Hi Heidi!
    See your video feel harvest, I want to ask you this kajon drum sound and some of the drum big difference? See your video that you have the special elasticity and easy feeling playing on a panel at the time playing, can emit two sound don’t know how you fight?

  16. Tania Bosak

    Hi Heidi,
    thanks so much for these great lessons, and very cool to hear you sing with the cajon …
    I look forward to being able to join an online class soon…
    from Melbourne, Australia

  17. hahah


  18. Andras

    Hi Heidi!
    Your videos are great! I’m glad you do this.
    I play the drums since 2012, but the instrument is too big. Always I play on concerts, my drum needs a full car, so I decided to sometimes play the cajon instead of the drums. I thought with the cajon and cymbals it is almost the same as the drums.
    Your videos helped me a lot. I’m about to buy a cajon, but I have a question.
    What kind of cajon do you recommend me? (The cajon with the gitarstring, or wirestring..?)
    I play in a Christian worship band.I play in churches as well.
    Best wishes,
    András (from Hungary)

    • Heidi Joubert

      Hey Andras, get one of my very own Cruz Cajons, they are the best on the market! 🙂
      The cajon is a great instrument yes! And I am very glad you like my videos! Keep rocking for Jesus buddy!

      • Andras

        Yeah, I knew it. You, nad Your products are the best in every category 😀
        But what if I don’t want to pay ~£43 only for shipping. I have a friend over here in Hungary, who makes cajons. And for 43 pounds I almost can get a cajon. (
        So the question: If I’m not buying a Cruz Cajon (which is a big fault – I know), do you recommend me a guitar string, or snare cajon?
        (After I get it, I would like to attend in your online course as well)

        • Heidi Joubert

          Hey! depends which one;s sound you like more, I personally prefer the guitar string to the snare, because it lasts longer with less buzzing and rattling!

  19. jose tao

    hi can u send me one but ineed for a speciall party….hahaha ok i good for every body share mean care…thank for u….

  20. canh

    ok …good

  21. Colin

    Hey Heidi, thanks for inspirational videos, the more I try to play the more respect I have for your playing. I’m struggling & getting frustrated also enjoying it…… Keep up the great work

  22. Mick

    Whoops, of course I meant to say Fermando’s Kitchen…right let’s tackle than rumba pattern…x


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