Cajon Duet video – Heidi Joubert & Guillermo Garcia

Heidi went to give some cajon workshops in Extremadura in Spain summer 2015 along with great cajon masters like Guillermo Garcia.
Here they have fun in a vid after a long day’s workshops, playing a cajon duet (totally spontaneous and improvised)

Our cajon courses & workshops

Here’s a short video to show what you can expect if you intend to join some of our cajon courses starting up in Jan 2013 in London or Cambridge.

Don’t worry if you are not situated in the UK, we are also starting up our online cajon school (via skype), get in touch if you are interested!
During the summer of 2013 we are planning to do a cajon workshop tour in Europe and perhaps even further if possible, let us know if you want Heidi to come and do a cajon workshop in your city! If you know any cajon/percussions schools that might be interested, please drop us a line! 🙂