Heidi Joubert's step-by-step cajon video method lessons will be out soon

I’m in South Africa filming my step-by-step Cajon method which will include loads of exercises, rudiments, a wide range of different genre grooves, practise along sections, play along with me and my band sections and a ton of other useful lessons as tips!
It’s a complete full on method so you can become a great Cajon player whatever your level with lessons that will stay with you throughout your journey on the Cajon.
There will also be a book with written notation and detailed explanations on everything, and will be available online, Dvd and app and partly on YouTube.
I have been waiting for a long time to get all this content down and I’m so excited that it’s finally happening! It will be released very very soon, pre orders available soon!
Leave a comment below and I will send you a personal message once the course is available for pre order.
I wanna thank you all for your encouragement and support throughout the years, it’s because of you that I am enabled to finally share my self developed method to play Cajon!
I love you all very much, and here’s to a most fantastic 2018 to you all!
In the meantime check out some of my video lessons on my youtube channel:

Heidi to be international demo artist and face for Rolands new Hybrid Cajon range, Elcajon.

I have had the honour to be asked to be the face and international artist for the worlds first hybrid cajon range by Roland. Roland launched their new range with the Elcajon EC10 which is an acoustic cajon with built in triggers to allow for electronic layered sounds on the cajon. The EC10 is launched in Jan 2016 at the NAMM music show in California where Heidi will be presenting it onstage.
Check out the promo video here, which was directed and written by Heidi herself:


Heidi's Demo EC10 by Roland wins Best show award @ Namm 2016

My launch demo of the EC10 cajon by Roland at NAMM 2016 was so successful that it won the NAMM award for best show 2016!
What an honour to be part of the Roland family and to be the first to demo and introduce the world to the first worldwide Electronic cajon!

Heidi going to NAMM Festival 2016 to Demo for a new product by Roland

I’m going to LA in two weeks with this sexy baby for the NAMM SHOW with Roland!
I cannot contain my excitement! Just got my plane tickets!
I can’t reveal too much about this beauty but it’s freaking awesome, I’ve been spending quite a lot of quality time with her over the past few weeks in studio, filming and playing it….
I’m in love!
All I can say is that it’s something you’ve NEVER seen before!!!
Heeeehaw, America here I come!
So….Who’s going to the NAMM, and who’s cooking me a true Californian dinner while i’m there?!!!!!!!

Tony Momrelle with Cruz Cajon

One of our Cruz Cajon endorsers (Michel Castellanos Sambrozo) playing our Pro Cruz Cajon on London Live TV with the amazing Tony Momrelle 🙂
This is the first single from his newly released album “Keep Pushing”.
The song is called “Pick Me Up”.
What are your favourite Tony Momrelle tunes?
<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/IuCIi84mpAc” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>
Enjoy! 🙂

Cruz Cajon range now stocked in Music Store in Cambridge, UK

DSC_0005As of last Monday (the 25th Nov) the Cruz Cajon is officially stocked and available from the Millers music Centre in Cambridge.
This is the first store to display the Cruz Cajons, and we’re very excited about more of this in the new year!
The music centre was proud to display 8 of my beautiful cajons right in the centre of their store, they even added a few posters of me up around the beautifully displayed cajon range.
It was definitely something to be celebrated so we decided to kick it off with a free cajon workshop in the music centre on the evening of Fri 6th Dec.

About 30 people attended the workshop. We had a lot of fun!

Did you know?
Our new range has just been out since end Nov and within the first month we hit the record with the most online orders we’ve ever received in one month in Dec 2013, with 50 cajon orders online and the 8 sold in Millers music store. Most of these beauties were sent all over the world to some very happy new Cruz cajon owners!
Read some of their awesome reviews here! (scroll down the page to find the reviews tab)

Keep an eye out for this one, perhaps soon you get to bump into a Cruz Cajon in a local music store near you!

Awesome Cruz Cajon Review

cruzleonnewWow I am honoured, I just received this awesome review from a new Cruz Cajon owner in Germany….
“My Cruz Cajon arrived some days ago. I’ve been playing a Schlagwerk before and I was happy with it until I played the Cruz Cajon Pro Elite.
What struck me the most is that the sounds of the Cruz Cajon are perfectly clear.
I asked a friend to play along on the Schlagwerk while I played the Cruz to compare,
We both agree that the Cruz sounds and feels better.
Thank you so much for this great piece of work.”

NEW Toddlers & Kids Cruz Cajon Models!

It is with great excitement that I announce the addition of our awesome Toddlers and Kids cruz cajons!
These are available from our webshop and we post them out worldwide.
They are very strong, sound amazing and look great!
This is the perfect toy to keep any kid busy for hours playing music and making grooves.
Check them out here

Cruz Cajon appears on TV

Our Cruz cajon is the first cajon to set foot on Maldives, and the first to appear on TV too!!!

So Here I share a video of ‘Hiyani’, the very popular Maldives based band where they appear on TV, in the middle centre you can see the Cruz Cajon and on the left Ansi Ahmed (the cajon player and proud cruz cajon owner… He’s a very nice guy as well!!)
I think this is a great band and the cajon sounds great! What do you think?

Cruz Cajon expands – Kids sizes!

We are expanding our Cruz cajon range! We are adding some kids size cajonsto the cruz cajon family. One for approx 4-8 yrs and the other for approx 8 – 12 yrs.
These Kids cajons are 100% handmade in Spain, and are made specially strong to endure countless hours of kids playtime. Both are guitar strings, and also comes with bells inside like the original flamenco cajon. We will be stocking these cute cajons in our online store from February 2013. Both are also great as an alternative cajon for adults as well.
More info coming soon!