The difference between the Cruz Cajon models

All of our models aim to get the same sound – a very neat separation from the bass and the highs, and a really strong bass sound which is situated quite high on the cajon to promote great playing technique and excellent posture.
The frontboard of every model (the most important part of the cajon) is made of finest Russian birch wood.
We improved the construction of our range in 2014 and also made some cosmetic changes. The main difference between the Pro and Pro Plus/Pro Elite models is that the chassis of the Pro (the body, not the front board) is made of a mixture of MDF and finest Russian birch, whilst the Pro Plus/Pro Elite models have the chassis entirely made of finest Russian birch wood, giving them additional resonance and volume.
All Pro models come with a black chassis (or body), while the model name (Toro or Leon) refers to the colour of the front board. The Toro has a wenge black finish (not a solid black, the wood grain is visible underneath) and the Leon a natural wood finish. The Pro Plus and Pro Elite models have a chassis the same colour as the front board – so Toro has a black wenge frontboard and body, and the Leon has a natural front board natural body.
All of cajon models are constructed in the same way with the real difference coming from the woods used. In addition the Pro Elite has some special internal woodwork on the backpanel, which results in a more refined sound, and a more resonant bass. Otherwise the Pro plus and Pro Elite are very similar.
On the inside all 3 models have 4 guitar strings strung from bottom to top, which is what creates the famous ‘snare’ sound of the flamenco cajon. Most flamenco cajons have 2 or 4 guitar strings strung right against the front board on the inside of the cajon.
The tuning system on my cajons is the best I have come across. There are 2 very easy to use knobs on the back of the cajon which you turn to either loosen or tighten the strings, resulting in a more brilliant snare sound or a dry snare sound with a punchier bass, totally up to you! I change the tuning according to the style of music I play. For funk I tighten the strings and for flamenco I loosen them more. And thanks to this easy to use tuning system, there is no buzzing which is something that is pretty common even in the most expensive cajons on the market.
So the choice of model is totally up to you! Either way, the quality for price is unbeatable in comparison with what is out there in the market. We take care to have all of our cajons handmade as we believe this gives the best quality instrument.
I hope this answers your questions! In my opinion, the Pro elite sounds the best, but to be honest they are all amazing sounding and they all have a similar sound.
Lots of cajon love


  1. Denise Moser

    I am considering buying one of your cajons, and I am wondering if you can recommend a case for it. I would like to be able to safely transport it to gigs, and protect it from cats at home.

    • Denise Moser

      I just saw that you sell a case, so you can disregard my previous question.

  2. Prithviraj

    Hi Heidi,
    It is indeed really interesting to see your web.. Your videos are truly really nice.
    I’m from India and I would like to buy one from your store, just want to check if you do shipping to India, Chennai. Also do you have a hybrid combo with cymbol and other basic accessory kits with you as a package.
    Happy Cajoning!!

  3. Elaine Scott

    I just purchased my first Cajon. Though I am not sure if it is a good quality drum. But I figured it to be good practice to get me started until I purchase a better one. I have been reading up about yours and I can’t wait until I purchase one.
    Today was the first day of practicing using your videos. Thank you so much. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Nahu

    Great teaching. I enjoyed your classes. Especially like your style of cajon. Got to get one soon. I’m a newbie in cajon, but have been jamming with djembe for some time. Does your box come with carrying case and tambourine? Thanks Heidi, you’re a gem.

  5. george attard

    HI Heidi,
    Very interesting article and thanks for the tip for practicing 10 minutes a day because I stopped due to health problems etc. You are an inspiration to me. Would you consider having an agent on the island of Malta. I have a good friend who has a music shop so I can ask him also if he would like to import your Cajons. I would like to help you sell them.
    Uncle G

    • Heidi Joubert

      That would be a very interesting thing to look into!!
      If you found out if he would be interested, and get in touch with me, we can arrange it all and wholesale prices. 🙂


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