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  1. Sid Hodgkiss

    I’m a Born Again Christian. Whom for 23 years have been singing Motown , Northern Soul, Gospel. I sing in all sorts of venues. Very interested in learning the cayon. As I’ve now joined my praise and worship team. I’m also learning to play the bass guitar. Only I write songs, I need to be learning thing to broaden my music life. Seen some of your videos. You have inspired me greatly. I learn very quickly.

    • heidijoubert

      Hello Sid!

      It is so great to hear from you! Also glad to yee you have subscribed to my newsletter! It is a great way to learn with me and stay updated on all my new videos and happenings! I hope you saw I had recently started a series of teaching gospel and worship songs on my youtube channel. I am looking forward to upload the next video very soon! And I highly recommend you learn my Modern Method for Cajon, it would really help you learn all the basics and technique and different rhythms really fast! I send you blessings, and continue shining the Light everywhere you go! It is time for us as the Body of Christ to Arise and Shine and bring Life and heaven to earth!

      Big Hugs


  2. Karl Mustafa

    I am interested in the online cajon school.
    Greeting, Karl

  3. Alessandra

    Thanks Heidi!

  4. Ricky Estwick

    Keep me up to date with all events.

  5. Ricky Estwick

    Keep me upto date with all events.

  6. Marcelo Rossi

    Hi, us i told you i’ll Be in London 03 to 07/11 , i’m brasilian cojonist and got a band .
    I would like to have a work shop or lesson with you , is that possible ?
    Marcelo Rossi


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