NEW video lesson – Finger roll on the cajon

1979119_10203771126624265_343776848977898911_oHere I share a very unusual and super funky finger roll technique, it;s taken from the flamenco guitar playing technique and applied unto the cajon!!

A Very useful tool for solo’s, breaks and fills…. 🙂 Enjoy!

One Reply to “NEW video lesson – Finger roll on the cajon”

  1. Bryan

    You are such a beautiful person and musician. I just bought a cajon and am loving it! I’m 41 and have been playing drums since I was 14, but this is a whole new animal. I’m enjoying all you videos and what I’ve seen from Fernado’s Kitchen. My first question (and there will most likely be more) how would you suggest doing a finger roll with the same impact if you don’t have fingernails? I was born with none, and to flip my fingers around and do the same as you, hurts to much. I’m thinking maybe thimbles like you sew with? Anyway, you are a great person for sharing your talents and giving free lessons. Thank you so much!



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