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I’ve compiled all the basics to get you started on the cajon! These are some fundamental lessons to help you build a strong foundation for becoming a great cajon player. Once you’ve gone through these and you got the hang of it, I would suggest you continue your learning with the Modern Method for Cajon 🙂

I trust that you will enjoy it immensely!

Let’s get started!

Playing time: 1hr 36 mins / 24 videos

11. Learn your first groove

Groove Lesson 1

Rumba Catalan

In this first video lesson of the Rumba Catalan we look at the overview of the general groove, such as time signature and the subdivision of the beat as well as learning the first, most basic variation for this groove. This variation has 3 accents in the pattern which spans over 1 bar, and the remaining strokes are to be played as ‘ghost notes’.

Playing time: 7 mins 25 secs

Variation 2

Rumba Catalan

The second variation for this groove. This variation  builds upon variation 1 but has an added accent, so it has 4 accents in the pattern which spans over 1 bar, and the remaining strokes are to be played as ‘ghost notes’. Check out the other variation lessons in the full modern Method.

Playing time: 2 mins 29 secs

Groove Play Along

‘Sunny Afrika’

 By Heidi Joubert

Now let’s apply our newly learnt groove practically with live music. Play along with me and live musicians in this play along section. If it is too fast for you, I suggest dedicating time to go through the practise along videos of the groove variations on a regular basis to build up your speed and technique first, then return to try this play along. Note that there are a couple of different variations which are used in this play along video. 

Playing time: 1 min 53 secs

1. Introduction & Overview
2. How to tune your cajon & about cajons
3. Productive practising
4. Stretching, warming up & posture
5. Learn the Basic sounds
6. Bass stroke technique
7. High stroke technique
8. Bass & High stroke combo technique
9. The most important rudiment
10. Moving over 2 sounds
11. Learn your first groove
12. Learn your second groove

Section 1 

Cajon Basics Course

The foundational part. Learning all about the basic sounds, the proper hand placement & technique to play the cajon, how to tune your cajon, different types of cajons, stretching & warming up exercises, how to practice, and the correct seating position for a healthy posture.

Playing time: 40 mins / 9 Videos

Section 2

Technique & Rudiments

A range of fundamental & practical exercises focused on building a strong foundation for your playing and developing the perfect technique with a beautiful sound. With intensive practice-along parts using a metronome. These exercises will help you progress much faster as you learn your grooves.

Playing time: 1hr 48 mins  / 17 Videos

Section 3

Rhythms & Grooves

A wide variety of different rhythm & groove patterns covering varying genres & styles. With intensive practice-along parts followed by play-along songs so that you can put what you have learnt into context with music and real musicians.

Playing time: 3hrs 37 mins / 39 Videos

Did you enjoy these lessons? Got any questions or comments?

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