Hangbox project

Hangbox project is made up of a collective of musicians, namely cajon and hang players (at this stage, hence the name), that promotes music played by both instruments together. This is the first known project to fuse the cajon and hangs together, both instruments are fairly new and we feel that they are a perfect match together!
It all started up spontaneously when Heidi invited hang player Giovanni Spadoni to visit her studios and film a video of the cajon and hang together. Even before this Gerard Spencer (another amazing hang player) met Heidi and her band Fernando’s Kitchen busking in Cambridge, UK, where they had a quick jam session. They then met up once at Heidi’s studios to make a video together and Gerard invited Giovanni to join the jam, and thats how Heidi met Giovanni.
A few months later they made another video together as a duet, and this video has sparked some amazing interest with the online youtube community. They had long wanted to get together to make another video and record an album, but Giovanni was travelling and Heidi was also busy with multiple projects at that stage. About one year after they filmed their first duet video together, they got the opportunity to get together for another jam when Giovanni was in London for a day, and this is the day we filmed the latest cajon and hang video.
There is a new Hangbox video coming out soon, where Heidi got together with Protuguese Hang player Geronyom and filmed on the South bank of the Thames in London in 2014, sign up to our newsletter to be the first to see it once it gets uploaded!
Current members of this project:
Heidi Joubert
Giovanni Spadoni
Gerard Spencer
We have now decided to make an album together this year and we will let you all know when it releases, just make sure to be signed up to our cajonbox newsletter to stay updated to this new album and more videos from the hang box project


  1. Michael

    Great project – I love the videos. Thanks!

  2. Brandon

    I’ve been listening to your hangbox jams on YouTube over this last year and could literally listen to them all day. Are these available for download yet? Congrats on the Roland deal… they couldn’t have found a better person! Take care and blessings! U R awesome!

  3. Leah

    I saw you on facebook on a train having a little jam out!! Absolutely amazing… Are you available for events ?? Leah 🙂

  4. Rachel

    I actively seek to hear what music the world has to offer, and that is when I discovered Heidi and the magic of cajon. Which lead to the hangbox. And it is the dope, slamming hands down! I can’t get enough. I have also web viewed the musicians who have collaborated with Heidi. Just awesome stuff. What the world needs now is more videos, which shall ensure world domination as BGj stated. Cheers.

  5. Beth Juliar

    So, interesting story: I’m part of an open drum circle here in Western New York, that is comprised of mostly Djembe players. I normally have my Cajon and am always the only one. Well, one evening a hang drum player arrived, and naturally the djembes had no idea how to respond in jam time with him, having never heard one before. But, being on the cajon i went to town and everyone else played quietly uncertain around us.
    It was a very strange experience, but the hang player and I have since conspired, quite naturally, to make further plans to take over the world.
    The collaboration just seems right, ya know.
    The two instruments are oddly just made for each other.
    This being said, I firmly believe that Hangbox is the perfect term to derive from this matchup.
    Here’s to world domination!

    • Heidi Joubert

      Totally agree!!!! 🙂 Have fun!

  6. Dale

    fantastic stuff girl. the hangbox jam is how i found th web site to begin w/. very interested in th hang drum. spreading th word to erry body

  7. Marti

    Very interesting!


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